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Rising Mortgage Stress Is Confirmed A Thing…

Mortgage Stress is on the rise, as DFA has reported from our surveys. Roy Morgan research, who uses a different method to assess mortgage stress also confirms a rise.

This is driven by the cycle of interest rate hikes, despite low levels of unemployment. The third factor is the inflation rates which are putting costs pressures on many households too.

And we both agree that mortgage stress will continue to rise in the months ahead as the RBA continues to tackle inflation.

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  1. I bought a property last year for a relatively cheap 750k…. My monthly repayments have ballooned to a level that I can no longer service my debt only if I cut consuming food… unfortunately not only can I not afford paying the loan, the value of my property has dropped by 12%. That means , even though I have a job I am in a lose lose position. Secondly trying to find a rental property in Sydney is an impossibility. Tell me Australia is not a basket case economy . We are hurting mate

  2. You see term long cortisol saturated childrens brains is now a tactic of social warfare.
    I'm mean just to protect some artificial banking system or whatever you want to call it these days is to me a form insanity or mental disorder.
    I don't believe they yet understand that the stresses put upon them and to large scale the last few years as well as adding to it is going manifest more than just a few ugly nasty and very difficult problems

  3. Hi Martin thanks for the great input you have to the Mortgage house market. We are building in Dawesville W.A and so far the builder has charged us $85,000.00 over and above the original contract price.
    The builder blames the increase on Inflation & Labour cost to the 85K increase.
    We have gone to 4 Banks & 3 Mortgage finance brokers and cannot borrow anymore to service the increases.
    Our repayments have blooned by $1400.00 per month x 30 years of repayments.
    I work offshore and earn fantastic money.
    It looks like we are going to have to sell our unfinished home at a loss.
    So my warning to everyone looking to build or buy DONT until the dust settles maybe in a couple of years.
    P.S dont trust Real Estate Agents as we had one agencey out at the house Friday and tried to tell us he could get $250K more than what the property owes us and had buyers waiting.
    Buy what you need not what you want!

  4. Hi Martin thanks for all the hard work you do. Can you give any advice on how you think that BRICS deal will affect us down under,I see more and more countries are now selling their US debt and plan on abandoning the US dollar as the reserve currency. I read China,India,Russia,Japan and a few others are doing deals in other currencies. I also read that this will really affect the US economy and they will need to keep interest rates higher for longer,we seem to just follow the US ,monkey see,monkey do.

  5. I heard on the radio this morning, that some home-loans have been assessed/granted on misinformation regarding the applicant's less than truthful, financial outlays. The blame shifting MSM propaganda parrots, were up early this morning, mimicking what they're being told to say. Polly wants a cracker!🙄🦜

  6. I was warning people of this last year, extremely low interest rates were like bags of lollies to children. So many people going into way to much debt Wether refinancing for extreme Reno's or simply borrowing beyond their means for that investment property or boats cars or anything else on their wish lists . Its bizarre that so many people believed that crap about interest rates not increasing until 2024 , simply by opening your eyes and looking what was happening with inflation and prices here and abroad it didn't take too much brain power to work out the same thing was coming our way . I suspect raising interest rates won't help inflation here as most of our inflation is imported , 2023 the year to pay the piper

  7. If Australians had preconsidered this scenario ravaging Australians (by looking at other similarly over leveraged areas like HK, Singapore, Toronto, NY and San Fran ) …. Not like greed is not a regular passtime … This will liky have not happened. Sure the pollies have some blame … But they won't be in power if not for the greed of Australians.

  8. Things will begin breaking big time commencing mid-year. War is coming to Europe and supply chains are going to be constricted even further. Our so-called leaders have lead us to hell the last 3 years.
    Where are the peace negotiators amongst our leaders.? Instead we are entrench in a war against an country that we can not possibly win against and that NATO and politicians refuse to acknowledge had a valid case for doing what they did.

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