Risk of Myocarditis in Young Men “Rare”, but “SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED” – Yup. Viva Clips

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  1. Exactly. This is why an open honest discussion of the risk reward of the vaccine needed to be discussed AT THE TIME. Specific to the individual. But, no. The decision was to put on Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro masks. And force their subjects to comply. One might not have been a mask.

  2. Good friend of mine just 'gave in' to the coercion for a job after holding out and swearing 'no to the vaccine'…
    (and he's not that "young" either – mid 50's)
    1 month ago got his first pfizer 'jab',
    today, he's now diagnosed with myocarditis.
    Heart rate and blood pressure has been thru the roof the past couple of weeks.
    All for a job.

  3. 1 in a million is rare, 1 in a few thousand is a problem… 1 in a few hundred caused V in the past to be removed and deemed dangerous… Does not make sense until you realize the "problems we were warning against" is the V working as intended… Billions of doses were not "manufactured" in under a year but were starting to be manufactured around 2018 IMO preparing for the scheduled release to fix elections and to remove all but the compliant in certain areas e.g police,military,etc…

  4. Significant just means statistically significant; more than the calculated margin of error. Rare also has a specific meaning in statistics, though I think that term can be domain specific even within stats. But I think it is 3 standard deviations from the mean.

  5. 3:04 "significant" doesn't mean "big" when talking statistics, it means "with relatively strong evidence". There's two factors at play, the "how much?" which they say is small and "How sure are you?" they say "significantly sure". Granted, standards of significance have been criminally lax in lots of studies, but I'm not sure how they determined that here.

  6. Educate yourself in narcissism and cluster b personality, thoroughly, and perhaps once enough people are trained in spotting these demons, we can drag society back from the narcissistic left who’ve got a taste for power and won’t give it up. Too much 1984 in here, we gotta do something about it.

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