Robby Soave: Mainstream media SILENT after Democrats DEMANDED critical accounts be censored

Robby Soave comments on the Twitter Files exposé that the media widely ignored instances where left-leaning politicians tried to pressure Twitter into censoring information they found unfavorable. Originally aired Feb. 20, 2023; #twitterfiles #twitter #trump

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Written by The Hill

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  1. Bri can never be fair and balanced. As soon as she stops talking i tune out. She’s the AOC on this panel. She’s making a straw man argument. This is one example versus multiple examples against the right. She has been blasé until today. Now she’s trying to me too the story.

    Bri, you constantly prove that you have an angle. Robbie at the very least tries to be fair

  2. How does it challenge anything , when the Right Side is party that was complaining that they felt there was bias towards them and now and they provide evidence its true. An independent reporter must do the work that left did no want to do beside focusing on Mr. Trump. It will seem one sided for you cause the left did nothing beside label Mr. Trump is the ultimate bad guy and anyone any is orbit had to be the most evil people in the universe. If the left did actual journalism for once and provide facts other than feelings it wont seem one sided now that Elon Musk had to spend Billions of dollars to prove what most knew was true.

  3. talk about grasping for straws with a mouth full of word salad. this lady is in super hater mode.
    I'm on neither side. it's government overreach, but one request from the government by trump's admin can not even come close to saying there was equal influence or contact with Twitter by the right.

  4. Brie is a prime example of why you should not be allowed into Harvard with an SAT score of 700. Allowing dumb people to leave a prestigious school without a clue of what's going on but with a title to have with their name. Brie like many are in a cult.

  5. To whatever extent there is a great democratic left/right debate in or out of government you can bet that the plutocrats will steer the direction of the debate, will brainwash the sheeple on what stance to take, and if the people are given any real choices to choose from it will only be because the plutocratic state has no interest in the outcome. The plutocrats are only interested in censorship of the the people they don’t control, which is basically everyone who is not part of their system.

  6. You lose all credibility BJ G as an honest actor when you take one attempt to stop someone being rude or abusive or even a few attempts and compare it with systematic abuse of power and coordinated attempts to influence an election by the media, big tech and the security state. Tiabbi stated he looked and didn't find evidence. He didn't claim there was no evidence the other way just that the evidence he found was overwhelmingly one sided and it still is. Who are these other journalist you claim should have access? Do you expect Musk to stop his entire operation just so an army of journalists you like can go on endless searches of data and documents to try and find occasional examples of Bernie being censored while ignoring all the FBI interference. Give us a break and cover the story instead of making up another one. I would take Taibbi investigating over any of the biased hacks you would choose. I don't expect honesty but please don't treat us all like idiots. If I see massive evidence of physical abuse by one spouse against the other I don't say but did you look for the time the other person called them a name or annoyed them, yet you see massive abuses reported with evidence and your entire argument is but why didn't you ignore that and look instead for evidence that Trump tried to get an organisation that clearly hated him to act on his behalf. Yes he might have tried but how often do you really think that would have happened and how successful would he have been unless the comments were blatant breaches of terms of service.

  7. I got the impression from Taibbi interviews that he was told there were possibly a few requests from trump/right, that he hadnt found them (previously) and would keep looking, but that overwhelmingly the requests were to censor things that are now considered “right”. nothing here disputes that, and it feels like Bri is purposely distorting the issue. it has been framed as Twitter being on the side of libs and run by libs, BC it So Obviously was….

  8. The question is why didn't the GOP hearings cover any of this? The GOP called for the hearings – and they had nothing! Robbie is ignoring that what the media covered is what came out of the GOP led hearings. Its just so happened that the Dems did much better research than the GOP did for their OWN HEARINGS!!!!

  9. The left doesn't play fare. Highlights only things it wants to highligh insult t. Then calls out the right didn't somehow release the Twitter files correctly. Yeah right! The fbi set up a portal to take down things. Asking for an insult to be taken down anyone can do that. Put up a government portal is not comparable

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