Robby Soave: MSM ADMITS Russiagate Twitter Interference Had NO EFFECT On 2016 Election

Robby Soave elaborates on the finding that Russian interference via Twitter had little impact on the 2016 election. #misinformation #russiagate #2016

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  1. Russian disinformation may have had no meaningful effect upon the outcome of the 2016 election, but Russian hacking of the DNC and other Democratic operatives lent credence to the allegation that that Hilary Clinton ran a "pay to play" operation out of the Clinton Foundation, while serving as Secretary of State. Post-election polling suggests that disaffected Democratic voters abandoned Hilary Clinton for this and other reasons, and they were decisive to her loss. Accordingly, Russian information gained illegally (as opposed to disinformation) may well have played a significant role in the outcome of the 2016 election, thus, supporting the allegation that Russian interference was effective.

  2. ROBBIE, now complete the report, the left focused on Russia because consultants told Hillary in her pre-Run that Russia was her weakest link from the Publix’s perception,…said differently, accuse others what you do yourself, Hillary and Uranium One = turned into RussiaGate to get the bright light off her and onto Trump.

  3. I always found it wild that they think if you see a meme or hear "misinformation" you somehow automatically get hypnotized and the mere exposure to it trapped your mind. I know they didn't teach us this in school but it's called critical thinking 😂.

  4. Progressive types who were enraged about Russiagate don’t want to admit their complicity in greasing the wheels for this Ukraine war.

    It’s hilarious how badly these progressives have ended up on the wrong side of history (w Russia, the pandemic, defund the police, etc). Especially considering how their main motivation is to be on the right side of history. It’s too much for them to take accountability so they double-down to infinity.

  5. By the time the lie is "discovered" the damage is already done.

    "Discovered" because the truth has been known since 2016. There were only 150k posts, which is nothing next to the billions of other posts.

    We didn't need to do anything but use our brains and retain the ability to speak freely, but we were censored instead. Power corrupts. Power is abused. The answer is to protect the freedoms, rights, and power of the individual so that powerful groups can't simply silence them and must instead engage with them.

  6. Anyone else confused as to why they're only looking at this from a "well I guess this disproves the narrative" perspective, but don't then address the obvious counterpoint to that, which is "what narrative does this line up with". You have to ask the question, if this information was overwhelmingly hitting a single demographic, then you'd have pretty good justification thinking that may be intentional.

    If you look at the story as misleading information being purposely fed to a specific republican demographic, it's a far more interesting potential story to ask "to what end?"

  7. And people are supposed to take the news seriously. Washington post covered this 6 years later. Just like Hunters laptop, real reporters could figure this stuff out in a day or 2. Takes them 3 years for that one. I figured it was bogus when they didn't even show the amazing memes they put out that swayed the election. Let alone stats they had to have of the number of views. Or views compared to the rest of the endless political BS memes.

  8. The "Russian foreign influence campaign" was a clickbait troll farm in St. Petersburg, Russia that bought $100 k in Facebook add space (according to the Mueller Report) to try to generate revenue (which is what a clickbait operation does) from click on their adds. Most of the content had nothing to do with the 2016 election. Some of it was even pro Hillary. This is the 'far reaching, widespread Kremlin operation' that swung the election to Trump?

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