Robby Soave On Twitter Files: Dems DEMANDED Censorship of Critical Accounts; CRICKETS from the MSM

Robby Soave comments on the Twitter Files exposé that the media widely ignored instances where left-leaning politicians tried to pressure Twitter into censoring information they found unfavorable. #twitterfiles #twitter #trump

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  1. Brianna: you’re misunderstanding. He is saying it doesn’t exist. He (Taibbi) was told a thing which turned out not to be true. The evidence didn’t show up because it didn’t exist.
    You’re either being intellectually dishonest, you’re brainwashed (TDS), or you’re intentionally lying. Which is it?

  2. Or, Brie, Taibi put a place mark there to keep looking for Trump requests as the expose continues… Bri's claims are just as 'reckless', or moreover, as she has little evidence. Matt saying he heard but did not see was saying there could be more, was not ruling it out. Bri is doing her framing, strongly, on a point that is reasonable and alreafy partly addressed.

  3. The difference is Trump’s request was to take down tweets that were a violation of twitters rules as the witness confirmed in that clip. Teigen’s tweets were taken down bc of their 3 insult rule, apparently.

    The FBI was asking for right leaning tweets to be censored or visibility filtered that were not in violation of any trust and safety guidelines.

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