Russell Brand | Public response has been ‘FRIGHTENING’ says barrister

‘It’s not just that people are content for this to happen, they’re actively cheerleading for it!’

Barrister Sarah Phillimore on what she finds ‘frightening’ about the media circus around Russell Brand.

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  1. The problems with TV programs doing investigations
    The alleged victims can be taught what to say ,infarct when the person interviewed is blacked out ,you can't even grantee they are who there reported to be ,
    We spent last year watching a televised court case ,with Johnny Depp ,before that case most of the public thought he was guilty,,because of the UK case which we now know,had some strange things such as the judges link to the newspaper who was against Depp ,
    I'm not a fan of Brand ,but I do believe I'm innocent till proven guilty,and let's face it Knees papers are dying ,they need major dirt for them to make money ,

  2. Trump and Russell Brand. Both started out leftist, TV personalities. Both turned demagogue, misogynist jokers who proclaim the media the enemy of the people. Both cast themselves as victims to a deep state conspiring to silence them. Both with angry, mislead followers looking for a cult to follow.

  3. Has the thought not occurred to anyone…that an 'Accuser/Victim' of SA…would find it more traumatic reliving a horrific ordeal to a bunch of reporters/TV crew etc…who find them useful to get a salacious headline/campaign against someone…rather than highly trained WPC's and Female Detectives…all in the strictest confidence until a solid case could be built? As it stands at the moment the way MSM…and online media have leaped,dealt and presented this…how on earth could a trial …without an uninfluenced jury be possible?

  4. It's also disgusting that YouTube has demonetised Russell's content but they have left it online because they continue to earn revenue from his content, he should take it all down and move it all to Rumble like a lot of his and other followers are doing. I am cancelling my premium subscription with YouTube as their behaviour is disgusting 😡😡😡

  5. Sorry to say she called Russell a minor celebrity, if he was minor they wouldn't be fitting him up. Accusations are just that till proven and a life should not be ruined and tore to pieces on that basis. Plus up to now nobody ever said any thing like rape about Russell, could it be political? You have polititions writing to rumble to cancel Russell! Jumping the gun comes to mind and Exposes the real agenda. Russell doesn't have to rape anyone they would que around the block male and female for Russell. He is sexy witty and intelligent, that's the real problem they fear his growing audience and power to change people and their beliefs. Also those people that made the accusations, why go to the media first and not the cops hmmmm shady and smacks of a shakedown.

  6. Shows how upset some powerful
    People are when they are pressuring the government to shut him up. This is the most blatant case of character assassination I’ve seen within four media so far.
    They’ve been doing this for years to anyone who tries to expose the corruption and lies we are fed by our governments and media outlets. They can do their best but sadly it’s too late.
    Millions are awake and aware. A great empires crumble eventually.

  7. There seems to be a trend now of accusing t.v personalities of crimes that are not proven, essentially ruining their lives forever. Will Phillip schofield work again? He had an affair with a legal age man. Where is the crime in that? Sleazy? Yeah, but not illegal. Hugh Edwards bought some naughty stuff online. Police said nothing illegal happened, but his life is ruined. All this must stop.

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