Russia Advance Paraskeyevka; Out of Ammo West Urges Kiev Adopt NATO Tactics; Hawley US Over-Extended

Russia Advances Paraskeyevka; Out of Ammo West Urges Kiev Adopt Western Tactics; Josh Hawley Says US Over-Extended
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  1. The United States is on track to receive nearly 3 million barrels of crude oil from Venezuela this month, according to shipping documents seen by Reuters.

    Chevron is on track to ship 100,000 barrels of Venezuelan crude oil per day into the United States as part of a license it received from the U.S. Treasury Department that gives it a limited pass to move sanctioned oil, after a three-year ban.

    Since obtaining its license, Chevron has exported Venezuelan crude oil for use in its Pascagoula, Mississippi, refinery, and has sold some to Phillips 66 and Valero Energy, shipping documents show—both in the United States.
    A strategy to offset the near total shut down of Russian energy exports

  2. Nazi Judas goat, Putin's paid propaganda mouthpiece on Youtube…Mercouris formerly a UK barrister until disbarred by the Bar Of England for fraud and tortuous deceit, making "ever more bizarre assertions to hide the truth" and even feigning depression in an attempt to avoid being struck-off…a man of such character and behaviour and without any credible credentials, now seeks to hoodwink people by holding himself out as an informed expert in the matter of Putin's invasion of Ukraine….

  3. Youtube ads keep popping up every two to three minutes in these videos.. I think the U.S. ruling elites told youtube (youtube paid by google who gets paid by various criminal agencies who get paid by the ruling elite class members) to shove as much on these videos as possible so that people give up watching these videos. The elite members are very 😡. That's okay….they are heading into financial collapse and the ruling empire as a whole so they won't be able to fund youtube on censorship. God told me youtube will not get disintegrated, will continue to run by God. We will have "clean" youtube, and the internet.

  4. .
    Note that it's always the same overall message, in all of his videos… That the Russians are inexorably winning, that resistance is futile (Borgs), that the Ukrainian government is sacrificing their people out of misplaced pride and that some form of surrender is the only solution. His videos are a detailed actualisation of said message. A russian version of Tokio Rose.
    ''The wish, in my case was perhaps the father to the thought'' This quote from Mercouris summarizes it.

  5. From Ukraine with Love: Britain will supply Ukraine with long-range weapons.

    – If they come, the Russians will no longer have anywhere to hide, says Lieutenant Colonel Joakim Paasikivi. The weapon that Britain is now promising is the Storm shadow with a range of 250 kilometers. A system that, among other things, could be fired from Ukrainian warplanes.

    – Britain will be the first country to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said during the security conference in Munich on Saturday

  6. Putin's Nazi behaviour has set the big, fat, Russian bear against the hornets nest….there will be only 1 outcome….putin, stop behaving like a Nazi and causing the murder of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians in your war on Ukraine that is just a land-grab in your egotistical ambition to reconstitute the USSR….before Putin stuck his Nazi nose into Ukraine and invaded it, nobody was being hurt in Ukraine as had been the case since Ukraine's independence in 1991….Putin started all these problems, Putin needs to stop the war in Ukraine and take his troops home to Russia…..

  7. Would NATO have hastened² to provide aid if the Ukrainian nationalist faction had been led by someone other than a little accuser? Having been victimized financially and emotionally by the six million³ campaign NATO nations wary of another round of extortion leaped when the tail wagged the dog even though Ukraine is not a part of their commission.

    Zelensky could not care less how many Ukrainian lives are lost, a bloody, heinous act that earns him acclaim and TV appearances, instead of condemnation, as youth, mere children 16 years of age, are forcibly hurled into this meat grinder depleting Ukraine of its future leadership potential.

    For more than fifty years a thinly-veiled hate campaign was carried out in Canada—which has a significant population of Ukrainian heritage—against Ukrainian ultra nationalists stemming from WWII portraying them as evil, to whom, ironically, NATO nations in a reversal of attitude esteem their cause righteous and pledge their unwavering and unrelenting support.

    The little comedian who hates both Ukrainians and Russians equally and hates Nazis with a passion has insinuated himself into its leadership and manoeuvring from within set them up in a fratricidal conflict of mutual destruction. He despises Americans, he despises British, he despises Germans and resents those that utilize the earth that was not promised to them.

    The little imposter’s mansion in Florida, villa in Italy and offshore accounts are shielded from his raids on corruption, apprehending only those with a vested interest in Ukraine, in an apparent move to block native Ukrainians from gaining wealth, influence or power within their own country.

    No matter what the final outcome the goal of depopulating Ukraine has already been achieved. Half have fled and the remainder that are beyond child bearing age will vanish by attrition. Ukraine is finished¹ as a country for its own people. Either the entirety will be recovered as Russian territory or the western part will be absorbed by Poland and the eastern part included with Russia. If NATO succeeds in driving out Russia then the country as a whole will be turned into an income generating enterprise¹³ for the chosen few to which Ukraine with its high rise apartments is ideally suited.

    As an EU UN NATO state Ukraine will become a multi-cultural nation in which their own native stock, instead of being exclusive, vanishes into oblivion. The opposite of their objective for which they are fighting and dying.

    ¹³ Should Zelensky’s operation be successful, Ukraine is to be transformed into a nation of tenants struggling with financial Ponzi by placing a halt on the further use of land, causing home prices to skyrocket beyond reach, adopting a process that proved effective in Australia and Canada, with rent at absurd levels extorted from residents and shunted directly into the pockets of the chosen few. The aggregate of rental income dwarfs revenue from taxation accruing to government. This concentration of funds into a few hands enables acquisition of remaining assets. Ukrainians that realize their children cannot become established do not raise families. Their reward following a lifetime of hard work is to die homeless on the street. Massive immigration maintains population levels. The economy will function like one gigantic enterprise in which the lifetime earnings of residents are exacted through rent with tenancies replenished from nations worldwide while its native sons vanish into oblivion. Ukraine will be populated by others that are strangers to this land and not by the heirs of those that are fighting and dying.

    ¹ Neither the missile launched into Poland, gas explosion that brought down an apartment complex, nor helicopter detoured so that it crashed over a kindergarten, killing the minister anointed a replacement for the top job, have succeeded in drawing NATO directly into the war.

    ² NATO leaders that are proselytes of the Cremation Cult, a Satanic creed, acquiesce to the little freeloader’s request for more, exalting this angel—of the fallen host—from the bottomless pit. The least hesitation or indecision is characterized being a denier that through mass media publicly proselytizes nations and kindred, peoples and tongues, and disbelievers into adapting its veritable fantasy with an unrelenting campaign, morning, noon and night, seven days a week, ad nauseam.

    ³ Immaculate cremation, instantaneous, without fuel in a thorough process that leaves no ashes or bone fragments.

    ¹² Dairy farming and beekeeping are significant endeavours in Ukraine. Prior to the Balfour declaration, Ukraine and Syria were cited for dismemberment. Ukraine a land of milk and honey was the promised land. Syria should be destroyed so that it ceases to exist as a nation in order to acquire legitimate title, in a reverse takeover. A former world leader knew that a land of milk and honey was not a sliver of arid sand and decided that Ukraine should be lebensraum for the 1000-years-Reich. The plenty of game and fish, the innumerable bee-hives, deposited in the hollows of old trees and in the cavities of rocks, and forming even in that rude age a valuable branch of commerce, the size of the cattle, the temperature of the air, the aptness of the soil for every species of grain, and the luxuriancy of the vegetation… (A.D. 244 during the reign of Emperor Philip).

  8. If Meduza's number of 20.000 thousand is true, and if a number that surfaced from the USA of 250.000 Ukrainians is also true we're talking of a ratio of more that 1 to 12… Which is a massacre…
    Even the 100.000 of Mrs von der Leyen vented in November, updates to some 120.000 by now gives a 1 to 6…

  9. It is so tiring this topic about the de4ths of Russian soldiers, this controversy is just another western invention, the Russians suffered great losses in WW2 and it was never a topic to be ashamed of, westerners always talk about this nonsense as if it is controversy.
    Using BBC and Meduza (alleged independent Russian media financed by the West and run by NATO countries), sorry but I will continue to believe the Russian ministry over those who have filled us with lies. Meduza played a big role in the Russiagate l*es.
    You were living too much time in UK, so you are talking nonsense sometimes

    But the most astounding thing that Kirby had to say may have been this: “I do want to say this about the Wagner Group, and particularly with respect to Bakhmut. I mean, again, they’re treating their recruits, largely convicts, as basically—as cannon fodder, throwing them into a literal meat grinder here, inhuman ways, without a second thought. (cont. in detail below)

    And while fighting in Ukraine, we estimate now that Wagner has suffered more than 30,000 casualties, including approximately 9,000 killed in action.”

    Of those 30,000 casualties, the U.S. estimates that over half have come in the last two months. And of the men that Wagner has sent to the slaughter at Bakhmut, 90% are thought to have been prisoner recruits.

    “Men that [Prigozhin] just plucked out of prisons and threw on the battlefield with no training, no equipping, no organizational command, just throw them into the fight, “ said Kirby. “Ninety percent killed were convicts.”

    Not only were most of those lost convicts, U.S. intelligence believes that Wagner continues to lean almost entirely on these prisoner troops for its recent gains around Bakhmut. So the idea that they’ve been cut off from a fresh supply of this cannon fodder may be the best indicator yet that what Ukrainian forces in the city are weathering right now is temporary—the last fitful squall of a storm front rather than a change in seasons. There have already been reports from parts of the front that Wagner’s role in areas both north and south of Bakhmut is fading. Pro-Russian military channels and bloggers continue to credit Wagner with everything that happens around Bakhmut, but Ukrainian sources have reported Wagner forces being replaced with Russian regulars.

    Considering the widening, highly-visible schism between Prigozhin and the the Russian military, and the admission that they’ve been cut off from access to more cannon fodder courtesy of the prisons, it’s unclear if Wagner Group will continue to be a force in or out of Ukraine. Five years ago, Bloomberg estimated the total size of Prigozhin’s mercenary force at around 6,000 men. By last December, the estimate was of 50,000 men, with 40,000 of those being convict recruits. Since the time of that estimate, Wagner has burned though at least 15,000. It’s not clear what they have left, but they are a declining force whose power is apparently no longer being refreshed.

    The zergs … are running out of zerglings.

  11. In governing positions of USA there is no "hard liners" and "realists", but "hard liners" and "rats. First ones want achieve pyrrhic defeat by continue in bitter end, while the second ones want leave sinking ship before it does even more damage. And non of them are realists. Idea of "state building" in present day USA is hilarious joke, completely out from reality. They are debuilding their states. Robbing poor and middle-class, giving more money for super rich, while everything is rotting, including infrastructure.
    If you are realist, one place where you definitely are not, is governing or prestigious positions of USA.

  12. Long live Russia wish you well. The USA instigated this war for their own goals. The quicker the Russians destroy all their enemies the better. Its quite sickening to think that the USA instigated this war for their own goals. Russia was never the enemy or a threat to the world but the USA certainly is.

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