Russia AND China Demand UN Investigation Into Nord Stream Bombing

On the heels of Seymour Hersh’s bombshell report accusing the United States of teaming with Norway to blow a hole in the Nord Stream pipeline, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, backed by China’s XI Jinping, has called for a United Nations investigation into the act of international sabotage. As a result, even the Washington Post has been forced to mention Hersh’s report, suggesting that the virtual radio silence on Hersh’s allegations in the U.S. corporate media may be breaking.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the likelihood of a genuine investigation into the bombing ever occurring.

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  1. The prime minister of Norway said a couple of weeks ago after Fiona Hill was in Norway that he always meets her when he Is in US or when she is in Norway… Støres best friend is Stoltenberg. This is what she said last time she was in Oslo Must read- ( Norwegian) …, Norway, Europe, Russia- 

    Mange har spurt meg om energi og Norges rolle. Jeg tror vi også må tenke over framtiden. Norge vil bare kunne lykkes hvis landene rundt dem lykkes, og at det er stor grad av stabilitet. Sånn har det alltid vært, sier Hill.
    Stabile gassleveranser fra norsk sokkel til det europeiske kontinentet er viktigere enn noensinne nå som Europa forsøker å gjøre seg uavhengig av russisk gass.

    btw- Støre wrote a tweet to EUs von der Leyen in October last year – about the sabotage calling it "unacceptable"…

  2. The same Zionists are attacking infrastructure and food chain in almost every single state. Factory after factory energy infrastructure destruction of food and water. This is how they won the 7 days war in 4 years. This is what they have been doing globally for decades. Including WTC and Deep water Horizon in the US.

  3. Its weird how far ahead of the mainstream news you can get just by dropping by r/conspiracy once in a while
    they were like a year ahead of covid leaks… heh… leaks… The pipeline and its links to the EU financing the Russians war in Rubles backed by gold…
    I firmly believe that "the balloons" taking up like a month + of headline space was to try to cover up of… float by… this inconvenient truth.
    I would also like to point out the globalists plots taking place all around the world, once you see em you can't go back.

  4. Fiona Hill is irrational when it comes to Russia, and particularly Putin. She needs proof to believe America was behind the Nord Stream pipeline explosion. But she DIDN'T need proof to believe Russia was behind it and, in fact, continues to justify her initial speculation that the explosion was consistent with the way Putin spoke about his father's activities during WWII. What?? Is she kidding?? How can anyone take her seriously as a historian?? With her bias, Putin is responsible for just about everything short of the crucifiction of Christ. Get her outta here.

  5. Nitrogen is used to make fertilizers.

    Excerpt from Wiki: "Nitrogen fertilizer is produced from natural gas. In several transformation steps, natural gas, essentially methane, is upgraded by combination with nitrogen from the air to form nitrogen fertilizer."

  6. 5:20 in Canada this was the narritive MSM took, that the Russians blew up their own pipeline… we just didn't have any context. Somehow me bringing up over dinner

    that the EU was basically financing the Russians war in Ukraine by buying oil in Rubles pinned to gold was somehow a "conspiracy" level thought. regardless of how grounded in reality I was and hopw much better intel I had… God I hate MSM the deepstate and globalists… 8:23 Sam Hyde strikes again…

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