Russia and China together could defeat us right now

Col Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America and the world. Recorded 26 Nov 2018.

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  1. Russians maint a in relations with Japan also north Korea all those Asian nations as usa government is tge meddlers since b e ginning of time they hated you America the genocidals assassinations regime change with y our color revolution installed your puppets like zelenky, the Aquino of the Philippines now you are in Sudan with your armies damn on you shame on you biggest karmas coming to you like dumping your dollars

  2. I’m finding that paying attention to all this actually makes you dumber , less productive , worried or anxious , hopeless , and above all , angry. And these people we are being ruled by and we are following what they’re doing to our country are quite simply psychopaths. I’m about done paying attention. Didn’t vote last election and don’t plan voting in the future. I want my life back. And following psychopaths behavior and reacting to it is not productive and robbing us of our lives. So basically , go to hell , good luck with that , and I don’t care !! See ya , and definitely don’t wanna be ya !! I stand with Russia , from afar and that’s all it’s going to amount to. I just can’t imagine this country ever becoming run by sane people. I’m out.

  3. Russia and China together could defeat the USA ??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Mr, McGregor Russia alone is defeating the USA and all the European Union all together by itself !!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    The USA has no chance whatsoever in any way or form against half Russia in a million years !PLEASE CHECK YOUR FACTS. 😎

  4. Saudações. Pelo que entendi, esse debate aconteceu em 2018-11-26, há quase 5 anos. algumas observações do senhor MacGrecor sobre a Rússia e suas relações com China e outros países do Sudeste Asiático, especialmente o Japão, são interessantes, considerando os fatos decorridos desde então. Acredito que a opinião do senhor MacGrecor deva ter mudado em algumas medidas, considerando a guerra na Ucrânia e a forte aproximação entre Rússia e China.

    Seria interessante conhecer as prováveis mudanças de opinião de todos os palestrantes.

    Greetings. As I understand it, this debate took place on 2018-11-26, almost 5 years ago. Some of Mr. MacGrecor's remarks about Russia and its relations with China and other countries in Southeast Asia, especially Japan, are interesting considering the events that have transpired since then. I believe that Mr. MacGrecor's opinion must have changed in some measure, considering the war in Ukraine and the close relationship between Russia and China.

    It would be interesting to know the probable changes of opinion of all speakers.

  5. Take Canada, they don't like you at all, like no other man on the earth. Now about China. – China gonna make money on U.S but they will never be on American side, because they want to be a world power like other countries. I will tell you who U.S actually has, a few puppet governamnts here and there but all the people know whats up. Damn, you dont even have billiions of views on Youtube, because world watching their own stuff. Video games online are empty and if 1 hollywood movie gonna make a billion dollars thats gonna be a big WOW.

  6. Regarding Russia and North Korea some things would not be the way you presented. I believe that there are logic for any move for any country which belongs to geographical location called Asia …. Cooperation based on clusters. EU and U$ have definitely nothing to do there physically

  7. I have great admiration and respect for Colonel McGregor. Simply because he seams to be right about many current day geopolitical issues. But his commentary should be listened  to with caution, because  he dose exposes his ideological exceptionalism, he has difficulty with the idea that China is credible politically or militarily.
    I would wear caution before I take this very clever man, Colonel Mc Gregor at face value on his views regarding China.
    Anyway for everything else you discuss Colonel, thank you for your knowledge👍🍻

  8. … And why does America have to continue with choosing to participate in unwanted wars. Can't we learn how to work with people and Our billionaires will just have to live off of what they already have subsidized from us. Don't have to continue spending money on boats that never get to.. Or the littoral.. Or stealthy aircraft that still can be seen on radar and shot.

  9. The west knows that their "U.S. Hegemony" & or "U.S. Imperialism" is in serious jeopardy😏🫡 as de-dollarization, BRICS+, SCO, Sunni & Shia unting, and OPEC+ rivaling G7 Oil cap.. Therefore, U.S. will do anything and everything to not allow the fall of U.S. Era global reign to end.. Under THAT CREATURE biden leadership, the west has been on the edge of falling ESPECIALLY if full War breaks with Russia & China😏😈

  10. When America Close by example we're going to disarm ourselves we are going to no longer have any nuclear weapons on the planet, In sovereign countries outside of our country .. No guilty then what almost created the Cuban missile crisis and then we did it anyways to everyone else…and we are not going to Continue getting in the middle supply weapons to anyone … then everyone else will consider removing theirs not until

  11. Sitting on their high horse talking about the poor state of China instead of fixing their crumbling system.
    China's population as of 2022 was larger than Europe and USA combined so they have problems that are unique and much more challenging.
    USA and EU need to fix their own problems before lecturing about others.

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