Russia Approaches Remaining Roads in Bakhmut, Ukraine Offensive Fails in Kremennaya, Makeyevka 89

Russia Approaches Remaining Roads in Bakhmut, Ukraine Offensive Fails in Kremennaya, Makeyevka Death Toll Rises to 89
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  1. Alexander, there could have been 600 human beings in the building that was hit by HIMARS. russia predictably is trying to cover up how many died in the attack so that little vlady doesn't look like an idiot. Ukraine said upto 400 dead, russia said 67 dead, we now know 89 dead and they still have 300 approximate missing. where do you think they are? did they get lost in the local shopping centre. THE BUILDING THEY WERE IN IS RUBBLE!!

  2. Air defense missiles are made to be used against air targets. Ukrainians are shooting down most of the cruise missile and drones. What else are these missiles for? The Russian Air Force is pretty much too scared to fly over Ukrainian territory. You'll never see a strategic bomber dropping dumb bombs over at target. The Russians rarely flies close air support missions with tactical aircraft and when they do many of them are being shot down by MANPADS. So answer me this. If a cruise missile was hit that would have killed your family, would you say you shouldn't have done that, you wasted too much money and degraded our defenses.

    Ukrainians aren't having a problem with their air defense. If anything it proves how effective Ukrainian air defenses are. Besides Western equipment they still have a lot of old Soviet and Russian equipment. Ukrainian technicians are able to use Western parts to repair old missiles that have been in storage. You don't need the most advanced missile system in the world to take down cruise missiles, especially when you can track them even before they enter the country. And you can see plenty of real videos of Ukrainian troops using Stinger missiles to shoot down drones and occasionally a cruise missile.

  3. @3:29, Ukraine doesn’t have the sensitive electronic eavesdropping hardware required to zoom in on the weak cellphone transmission. USA does. US spy satellite such as the Lockheed LH satellites have been listening to wireless transmission for decades. Simple triangulation and data evaluation would have given the US the GPS coordinates of the Russian bracket. The USA forwarded the GPS info to the HIMAR missile programing crew.

  4. Kleshchéyevka (Клеще́евка) and Opytnóye (Опытно́е [Ukr. Опи́тне]) are key conquests by the Russian army and the Wagner group. Their takeover indicates that the liberation of Bakhmút Бахму́т)/Artyómovsk/Artyémovsk (Артё́мовск) is now not far off. To the north, Soledar (Соледа́р) with its deeply-tunneled and fortified salt mines is being surrounded and rendered ineffective. In many locations in these areas, the TOS-1 & -2 flamethrowers would probably help a great deal. Kremennáya (Кременна́я [Ukr. Кремíнна]) is also in danger of falling, in spite of stubborn resistance. Obviously honcho Zelensky does not want to believe this. It doesn’t conform to his TV script. And Biden believes that faith is the same as reality. It’s the American dream.

    𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝖛𝖔𝖘.

  5. They were targeted by US satellites, for two things, absence of radar and thermal imaging. Russia needs to blind all US satellites traveling over Russia and of course fails in mass spoofing efforts. Sure you can have limited anti-aircraft systems but you can make many more, pseudo systems emitting signals, could be really compact, create an obscuring cloud of signals and even fake heat sources, to tempt attacks to defense systems.
    A modern air defense needs to airmap it's atmosphere, everything in it, whilst it obscures it's atmosphere from outside sources, jam it's sky to all unlicensed cross overs.
    The modern air defense is quite active, full of boomerang drones, on patrol and on target in seconds. You will have to watch excessive high energy transmission, the most powerful should all aim up and shield those below and target suspect satellites with microwave lasers, those lasers should be helium drone mounted, operating at very high altitude, solar and battery powered, generate static.
    Drone warfare changes everything, no great military commander who understand and commands their forces well, most can armchair general a digital conflict, drones are programmed and attack with full force regardless, the winners and losers, those who can make the most and or have the most and the losers, those with less drones no matter how well led.
    The machine of war versus the men of war, which can be produced the fastest wins (Russia winning with drone targeted artillery, for very accurate fire, when you have artillery superiority in an artillery war, the side with the least amount of artillery soon has far less artillery, their artillery the priority target, drones with cameras cheaper than missiles, already drone versus drone as a manufactured cost).
    The Russians should mount anti aircraft weapons on TU95 as a mobile antiaircraft system, much greater coverage and even interception from up there.

  6. The Zelensky dogs are barking here.. but the bark is just annoying, as it has no substance.
    Let them bark.. we all want to see who they are and what they contribute.
    Not a single one expressed sadness in death, nor a desire for good equal Peaceful resolution. They all want all Russians killed, and Russia humiliated. None even want to read any independently verified evidence, nor good analysis, being it militarily, politically, or economically.
    All they do is slander Russia and exercise wishful thinking for impossible Zelensky Nato win.
    But quite the opposite is happening, on the lateral bigger front of most areas of this conflict.
    We now know, that only Russia can deliver Peace, but unfortunately only by it's military force. It's inevitable, but why so many people have to dye, for a crazy ruling class from so far away, in Washington. Yes..the US and EU will fight Russia, Eastern, Southern Ukraine, and Crimea +… to the last Ukrainian they can bully and deceive.

  7. Don’t.. don’t take your cell phone to battle. Especially if your army is a proxy enemy of the USA. If a country does mass spying on its own citizens through Smartphones where would that put you and your Comrades. At least turn them fully off and wrap them in aluminum foil. Be smarter than your Proxy Enemies.

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Back in 2014 CNN made this reportage about the US-backed government in Kiev attacking its own civilians in Donetsk – still part of Ukraine back then… Still think their referendum to join Russia was staged? (