Russia Captures East Bakhmut, Zelensky Admits Importance: Intel: Nord Stream Attack 6 Guys & A Boat

Russia Captures East Bakhmut, Zelensky Admits Its Importance: West Intel: Nord Stream Attack Was by 6 Guys And A Boat
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  1. Dear Alexander, is there a possibility to film closer to the microphone/speak louder or invest in some? I am not saying that it's bad, but it could be louder at least for 50%. I love listening to your episodes while I am doing something outside and even on max, the noise overwhelmes your voice.

  2. Biden said to the world he would end Nordstream… he has his ways… and Nordstream was ended. Then Seymour Hershes investigation proving he carried out his threat, no one can take any other story seriously. Germany and Russia should take this all the way to prosecution otherwise the UN might just as well be shut down.

  3. Got to have a woman aboard and I'm glad to hear that the terrorist team were mindful of feminist issues. Mind you, they dropped the ball on transexual issues but I guess you can't have everything. Besides as far as the woman is concerned, it's the only sensible thing to do, after all someones got to clean the head and make the tea.


    . Numerous openings available for unusual suspects in hung court case
    . Gender neutral
    . Ability to demonstrate remorse
    . Profuse tears are a plus
    . Anti-russian personality will be an advantage
    . No experience needed – training will be provided (eg. safe handling of live explosives)
    . Salary confidential
    . We are an equal opportunity employer
    . Citizens of the Russian Federation or ethnic russians need not apply
    . We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified

  5. if i look at one of the realtime maps (Ukraine Control Map) i see an road that leads to Slovyansk that doesnt pass thru Bakhmut — please use maps to guide us thru your descriptions — and use them to explain why Russia cant advance northwestward today.

  6. NOT about different individuals. It is a general policy, a fight for supremacy (top of food chain): control of access to markets and natural resources. In that the anglo Banksters are winning. It is not about individual policies, place and and time. To deal with it you have to approach the CORE: heat up the head of octopus (equal jeopardy), fighting its different tentacles, (killing hostages)won't solve it – wast of time and resources. Don't build tanks, build/deploy Subs, own STARLINKS of every variation, improve media management and communication.

  7. Sweden made a public statement at the time when first investigation was done after bombings that they know who did it, but they can't reveal it for the reason of the national security.
    This "6+girl group" in the boat must be such a force of nature that Sweden is in danger of it, or, maybe, Sweden's silence is paid by terrorist's promise to get NATO status!?

  8. I would like to understand the logistics of an operation of that kind. I'm told that it is not a case of blowing up a couple of steel pipes. Apparently the are buried in concrete. How much explosive do you need to cause that kind of damage. Is there any footage on the group loading the explosives onto the boat. Explosives have a unique signature so that information is known. Why isn't that information being made public Why are the investigations being blocked from release? How did the divers get the explosives of the boat and onto the target? Given the fact that there were only two divers working in 50 meters of water. When did this operation take place? What did the authorities think the boat was doing anchored above the pipeline?

  9. RT is a Russian state-controlled international news television network funded by the Russian government.

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, branded as CBC/Radio-Canada, is the Canadian public broadcaster for both radio and television. It is a federal Crown corporation that receives funding from the government.

    The British Broadcasting Corporation is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom, based at Broadcasting House in London, England.

  10. NATO implicated itself by saying another third party blew up the pipeline. That means someone attacked one of the members of NATOI countries. USA should have immediately come into the defence of Germany and should have set up a top level investigation to find out who attacked NATO member. The pipeline was the property of one of the allies so NATO should have done everything to show solidarity and identified the culprit, instead of chasing the balloon saga. The fact the new story has been submitted after six months after the event and especially after Seymour Hersh reported sounds like a cover up to take away the attention from NATO itself.

  11. There is ZERO POTENTIAL that Ukraine possesses the tools, skills or resources to accomplish the destruction of the Nord Stream Pipelines. And the US/ NATO would be truly irresponsible to trust them with such, unsupervised, indeed. Neither, does Zelensky have the political insight to understand the strategic utility of the particular timing or impact of the deed. He is too consumed with his begging.

  12. Lol, now they are saying that Ukraine did all this without the US knowing? I find it hard to believe. Even if that is true, who provided Ukraine with information on the exact location of the Darya Dugina and how the hole operation was carried out to sabotage the Nord Stream pipeline without being detected by NATO navies in that area?

    It's just a bogus blame game the US is playing. And they know that Ukrainians are not going to argue with these accusations.
    Ukraine always obeyed NATO and does. So it is just foolish to say that the US has no involvement in these terrorist activities.

  13. As I pointed out before, the area where the attack on the pipeline was carried out is pretty shallow, between forty-six and seventy metres (Forty metres is the max, without using specialized diving kit). That would give a fairly small shaped charge an additional fifty tons metric of pressure approx, per metre squared, at the lower depth (for ten kilos explosive would yield five hundred tons of pressure, minimum approx, far higher if shaped) An accurate position of the area was available on Google Maps, and an accurate sea depth may be obtained on Google Earth.
    As both you and Alex have pointed out, this points to a weakening in the Western position, now bordering panic. I should also point out, by international treaty obligation, the Russian Federation is allowed to reciprocate this act proportionately, without it being considered Casus Belli.
    A woman was included to assuage the LGBT/Fem community and make the tea.

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