Russia DEMANDS NATO Emergency Meeting Over NORD STREAM SABOTAGE; ‘More Than Enough’ Evidence

Batyan Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave weigh in on Russia’s call to form a summit to investigate claims that the U.S. in behind the Nord Stream pipeline attack. #nordstream #russia #cia

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Written by The Hill

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  1. Good President Putin isn't going to let you get off scott free.. They saidr they would destroy it. …Remember we will stop it HOW We have our ways🖕 See American this is your government they are nearly as full or 💩 as this woman. Russia didn't do this not everyone hates Russia I'm Jesus and i love Russia and President Putin. I HATE Biden💩 Why would the US do it.. Because they said they would 2 of the useless American C*NTS🇺🇸🪓🖕

  2. Batya sounds like she got into hunter biden's stash…claiming to not see the US motive for this terrorist attack..Maybe batya should watch aantony blinkin explain the motives biden had for ordering this attack that he literally said that he would order. Blinkin literally made a speech about it. Why am I so much better at Batya's job?

  3. Let's be clear: this isn't just an act of war against Russia. It's an act of war against Germany. The economy of Germany has been drastically affected and many more poor people can no longer afford to heat their homes.

    You can tell when there's money coming from big advertisers, corporations or the government when there are dumfounded questions like "why would the US do it?". In terms of motive, the US has by far the highest motive of all countries. It wants to decouple any relations between Germany and Russia and make a lot of money in the process by forcing Germany to buy LNG.

  4. Does Batya not know about the increased LNG sales to Germany from the US, which will now have to continue indefinitely due to the destruction of the pipeline? Has she not seen the statement by Biden that "we will get rid of it one way or the other?"… Geez Louise, the US has all the motive, and they stated their intentions up front.

  5. Russia is relying upon an American journalist to tell then the Nordstream attack was by America? Do they not have their own spies, satellites, submersible video footage, explosive debris collection? Or are the just utterly incapable of anticipating that exploding the pipeline might happen or are they incapable of sending their own investigation into the explosions zone immediately after the explosion happened.? Sometimes it seems like the allies sensed that the Russians were naive and not the brightest when Baker said not one inch east and then a few year later moved NATO into Poland and saw there was no response from the Russians and have since then kept pushing their luck until the Russians finally woke up when they realised NATO was seeking to incorporate Ukraine? So far the Russians haven't done a single thing to surprise people or done the unexpected. There must be a reason why the Ukrainians call the Russians Orcs?

  6. Lady you have just managed to make me shut this down this 'Channel'. That you say you need more than one source instead of looking to the quality of this reporters' work across the board and his integrity in his reporting for DECADES when you all have spent 2 years blabbing BS about Covid and the vaccine without admitting to vaccine damages around the world, the corruption involved and the lies of News people sponsored by Pharma…. just leaves me speechless. That you would think Biden would have less interest in shutting down the Nordstream pipeline than Russia tells me that you are simply silly and have absolutely no common sense. All Russia had to do was shut it off. Bye

  7. Robby is also pussyfooting around the obvious. The American government is the worst in regards to capability and intent. There's a history there if you're willing to take a look at it. You can start with Operation Northwoods, a false flag scheme presented to President Kennedy by his Joint Chiefs of Staff. They proposed that terrorist actions be conducted on American civilians and Cuban refugees in order to blame Castro for what would be considered acts of war. That way they could justify to the American public that military action against Cuba was necessary. Thankfully, Kennedy said no. But think about that for a moment. If LBJ had been president instead of JFK, innocent people could have been murdered by our own government, and much of the American public would believe it was Cuba's fault because of idiots in the media like Batya and Robby! And don't get me started on the attack of the USS Liberty, an actual false flag operation which Lyndon Johnson was apparently spearheading with the Israelis' participation.

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