Russia DEPLOYS NUKES Closer To Ukraine | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss Belarus officially receiving nukes from Russia as the war in Ukraine continues escalating.

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  1. It's always weird for me to hear people like Krystal and Saagar talk about this with the view that America (and more specifically THEY) have something to lose should a nuclear war break out. Don't get me wrong, I don't WANT to die, but as someone who doesn't have much to lose, I'm also not afraid to die either. Housing prices are out of control, "greedflation" is making basic living expenses out of reach, corporate greed is running rampant without anyone in government standing up to them because 90% of the government is corrupt and subservient to those corporations. So as someone who will likely never own a home, or have much of a future to look forward to. Nuclear war is honestly I GIANT shrug of the shoulders for me. The people who stand to lose most from nuclear war, are the leeches of the working class. Change doesn't seem possible by normal means, maybe, IF our species survives a nuclear exchange, things will finally change for the better.

  2. Moving TACTICAL nukes to Belarus makes no strategic sense. The war front is in SOUTHERN Ukraine, not along the northern border. If Russia was truly serious about using those nukes in its Ukraine conflict it would have moved them into the Donbas, not Belarus. That suggests that what Putin is REALLY doing is trolling the West.

  3. Of course they are more powerful then the first nuclear weapon that the United States deployed against Japan. Yes, there are tactical nukes that could be used possibly without a full scale escalation. If Russia used a tactical nuke on critical infrastructure killing say 3000 Ukrainians (a World Trade Center analog) the Unites States absolutely WOULD NOT launch a full scale strategic nuclear strike against Russia. It most likely would go unanswered, at least in the context of a NATO nuclear weapon response. Could it escalate? Yes. Would it? I think not.

  4. Do we really think that President Biden is up to the task of playing "chicken" with Putin? Our policy has painted Russia into a corner. Russia's only move against hundreds of billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine, is his tactical nuke capability. Russia can quit and go home, or the US can quit and go home. That's how it is shaping up.

  5. Any nuclear missile would immediately be shot down. They know this. The response however would utterly demolish Russia and China – but thanks for your nuke fear mongering – how about y’all start taking Russia to task for their attempt to hold the world hostage instead of innocent nations trying to defend themselves??? Somehow you both allllwwaaaayysss blame the West and innocent nations by saying russias escalations are a RESPONSE to the west . You guys never hold Russia accountable for their atrocities, murder and dismemberment of children and their wholesale destruction of homes and livelihoods. Breaking Points has become a sad state of affairs.

  6. This changes nothing strategically except to scaremonger. It matters not if a nuke missile is in siberia, outside Moscow or in Belarus. Nuclear armed subs from all major nuclear powers Russia, USA, UK, France, China roam the oceans. A Russian nuclear armed sub can be in the English Channel, Black Sea or right off Long Island or Miami and unleash its payload.

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