Russia DEPLOYS SATAN 2 NUKE, Dispatches It For Combat Sparking WW3 Fears

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Written by Timcast IRL

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  1. The scariest thing is our government along with the world elites would be willing to start ww3 to keep their agendas going and would definitely allow a city to be nuked if they could gain from it. I mean look how everything is seems to be foreshadowed. I do not believe in coincidences whatsoever, Putin has made it clear he wont go along with the great reset/NWO so he is a cog in their 2030 agenda. 2030…. might not seem like it but that is very close… Something maybe multiple massive events are coming. Prep ASAP

  2. I don't think it will be anything like fallout other then the enclave but they would be ready and properly equipped because there are elite groups banking on these apocalyptic scenarios and been preparing, I believe even using media to de-sensitized to the reality of post apocalyptic scenarios by fantasying it. Most people would die and the "secret" governments/elite groups that are banking on these horrible scenarios would swoop in once they could for the power grab with the all of THEIR "solutions" and even though the solutions wouldn't be fair at all to our basic rights and freedoms (great reset) but most people that are still alive would buy into it immediately. What scares me is how armed Americas civilian population is and that's a massive threat to whoever is using an apocalyptic disaster as a power grab opportunity so I think we will be hit the hardest on the civilian level also because of our fire power and ideology of most of the county, but even a lot of them would give into the system that comes in after to "save us". There are so many levels to this though we can only do whatever we can to try and avoid this and prepare as much as possible for if it comes to it and if its true that history repeats itself… well we have some really over powered weapons this time and the collapse will be a lot more sudden..

  3. 2:30 – Sorry but that statement is beyond hilarious. 100 years from now? You're lucky if there's even 30 years left. The Restoration of Israel took place in 1948 and that marked the final generation, meaning approximately 100 years starting from that date until every prophecy is fully filled. Before the 1900s only 10% of Prophecy was fulfilled, within the last 100-years 80% has been fulfilled, there's only 10% left. Get the drift?

  4. It's painful hearing Tim and his team talk about the Ukraine geopolitical situation.🤦‍♂I understand the America-centric worldview and disregard for Europe as a whole, but they need to at least ATTEMPT to look at the macro level of international politics. Every time they open their mouth, they absolutely have vapid takes because of their blindingly massive ignorance. jesus christ, get someone on there with actual understanding of European geopolitics–specifically post-Soviet nation-states and Eastern Europe.

  5. Nukes are fake Tim. Nuclear energy is real and nuclear power plants are real but making a bomb out of radioactive elements is a lie or, rather, a bluff would be more accurate.
    Yes I know about Japan and WWII and yes I know there are “videos” showing “nuclear tests”. But when you dig into the nitty gritty of it all, you begin to realize that all the countries on earth are all playing an international game of poker where the super powers all have the most chips.
    If you take into consideration the fact that when we bombed Japan with a “nuke”, japans generals didn’t want to surrender because they wanted proof that America actually had a nuclear bomb like we claimed.
    Reason being, theres absolutely zero difference between how Japanese cities looked after they were fire bombed by America and how Nagasaki and Hiroshima looked after we “nuked” them. Fire bombed cities looked identical to “nuked” cities is my point.

    Think about it, have you ever noticed in movies like Kill Bill or documentaries about Japan, all of their buildings are absolutely gorgeous architecturally speaking but I’m sure you’ve probably noticed and then thought to yourself, “it sure is weird that Japanese people decided to use PAPER for their WALLS and DOORS inside peoples homes/buildings. You’d think they would be worried about criminal break-ins, robberies, and everything being EASILY DEMOLISHED.”
    Interesting side fact, if you go to Japan, to this day, you’ll see buckets of water on street corners and various places because since their buildings are mainly all wood and they like to use paper for their walls, naturally, fires spread incredibly easy.
    Also, until WWII, Japan was a closed off society that didn’t allow foreigners. So there were zero Americans in Japan when we dropped the alleged nukes so that meant it was incredibly easy to control the narrative of what actually happened in Japan and what was reported to Americans back at home.

    There are a great deal of other reasons that support the notion that nukes are fake but for the sake of brevity I won’t describe them all.
    However, I will say that if you genuinely believe that during WWII we were in a race with the Nazis to invent the nuclear bomb and development repeatedly failed over and over and as the war got to its final stages, all of a sudden, america was able to successfully surpass earths most advanced engineers/scientists, which were Germans, and at the very last minute, when it looked like we might lose the war, we hit pay-dirt and SOMEHOW accomplished something that nobody else on earth could do. Not even the most advanced scientists/engineers on earth and who even had a head start, not even they could do what America did.
    Even today, getting close to 100 years later, the only countries who ever even had “Manhattan Projects” are America and the Soviet Union. China became a nuclear power via the help of Russia and Great Britain collaborated with America until we kicked them out and then Great Britain supposedly figured out how to make a nuke almost a decade after world war 2.

    So ask yourself, what other technology in history has been so complicated and difficult to create that even nearly 100 years after it’s invention, only 2 countries EVER have successfully created nuclear weapons on their own. Every other country had assistance from 1 of these 2 countries.
    And how much money and time do you think Iran/the Middle East has put into trying to make a nuke and they STILL can’t figure it out? Seriously?

    If you look at the countries like they are playing poker, it becomes so obvious that America took advantage of a few circumstantial factors, such as Japans buildings being made out of paper, there being no possible way to validate the news Americans saw about Japan, etc. etc. and we decided to bluff and claim that the devastation in Japan was caused by a special new bomb that nobody else has and nobody else can make and this caused the Japanese emperor to freak out, become extremely scared and forced his generals to surrender. Because japans generals didn’t want to surrender, they wanted proof of this special new bomb. But since the emperor believed the American news broadcast about it, he forced the generals to surrender.
    Fun fact, there’s no radiation in Japan currently. How’s that possible? Radioactive fallout is supposed to last thousands of years.

    And did you know that the way a nuclear bomb works is profoundly simple? Almost unbelievably simple? Of course this is simplified, but basically the internals of the bombs we dropped on Japan consisted of a chunk of plutonium and then they literally had a gun that used explosives to shoot another, smaller piece of radioactive material at the larger one and this then creates the chain reaction.
    You’re telling me that almost 100 years later and only 2 countries, which happen to be enemies, have been able to successfully figure out how to make it?

    Of course, the easiest way to know nukes are fake is simply because of the fact that we aren’t all dead. Because there’s no way that there wouldn’t have been nuclear war by now if nukes were real. Humans are too dumb and too violent to manage nukes rationally and maturely.

    Look into Gayland Windsor. He’s a nuclear physicist/engineer that has more nuclear accolades and experience than any other human that’s ever lived and he agrees with what I’m saying.

    Nukes are meant to scare the people, that’s it. Nukes are a tool to control public opinion in regards to war. The invention of the lie about nukes has done a lot of good, including preventing world wars but it doesn’t change the fact that nukes are fake.
    Why would they have even made an announcement on tv about us using a nuclear weapon? If it was so profound and so powerful etc. then why didn’t we just use it, let Japan see it’s power and then just simply say, “there’s more where that came from Japan”.
    What’s to be gained by making a world announcement about this new special bomb that’s enormously powerful unless there was an underlying motive? We could have accomplished the exact same thing in Japan and caused them to surrender without making an announcement to the world that we have a new bomb. When have we ever done that with top secret technologies, especially weapons?
    The goal was to have something that would terrify the masses so that they could be manipulated and so their support for a war could be turned on or off at will.
    Once we claimed we created the bomb, of course, the smartest ruing would be for your opponent to then bluff too and say they have one too.
    It’s a group of guys with their hands in their pockets pointing at each other and saying they have a gun. You can’t say they are lying without you losing the power you have with your fake gun. And then over time other countries start to see that bluffing is just as good as the truth as long as the people believe you.

  6. if I were to challenge NaTO, I certainly wouldn't let them know I was deploying Nuclear warheads. I would pay China to use a 500 "fishing" boats and using fake transponders sail the nucs straight into the harbors. Heck use a cargo ship full of empty containers.

  7. I'm glad the normies are finally waking up
    Every thing the Democrats are accusing trump for it's exactly what the Democrats have been doing for years. If a Democrat is moving their mouths they are lieing their asss off or they are blowing smoke up your ass you decide which one is happening to you

  8. The main country that threatens all the time is the US. US has never had a problem putting weapons such as nukes around Russia all these years. Now since Russia says something everyone has a problem? They’ve been told no, every time they’ve asked for some kind of peace negotiation treaty. No one even followed the MINSK agreement years ago…..every one ignored Russian complaints for years that no one’s following it.

  9. Turky joining NATO solidified it, if turkey leaves there is no middle eastern nation in NATO and NATO loses it's second largest army. Turkey is a huge country with a modern military, why do you think the idea that Turkey leaving NATO would cause NATO to crumble is such a crazy notion? NATO exists because of the US, Turkey, and France (germany and the UK too but we own them so US)

  10. 5:59 WTF how do you not know that !?
    also Ukraine was halfway thru the peace deal ,Putin even show the documents to the African delegation to Russia !

    Search YouTube for "Putin Shows Proof of 'Draft Treaty' to End War; ‘Ukraine Reneged On Peace Deal’ | Details"
    search YouTube for "Putin shows African leaders 'peace document' signed and later thrown away by Ukrainian side"

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