Russia Fighting West of Bakhmut, Closing Trap, Push towards Zaporozhye City, Ukraine Military Crisis

Russia Fighting West of Bakhmut, Closing Trap, Pushes towards Zaporozhye City, Threatening New Military Crisis for Ukraine
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  1. Good report. I really hate to say this but the US actions comes over as if it is playing a computer game. I wonder what will happen when its cities get nuclear strikes. I think we are getting very close to that scenario. Maybe then, and only then, will the lights come on in their tiny brain. For the rest of us, it'll be way too late.

  2. Don't be so optimistic. In the same way Russia can figure out how to fight Himars, AFU can learn how to resist Wagner tactics… As said someone in Napoleon's entourage, we taught the whole Europe how to fight…. now they are as good as us. There is no wonder weapon. Only, one side is 155 millions people and the other, less than 41 millions where more than 8 millions already fled. So Ukraine doesn't want to fight, and they are few.
    OTOH, Poland conducted a ethnic cleansing in 1953 in the south of Poland, chasing all orthodox populations out of San river neighborhood, i mean the real border is Poland's east border, for religious matters. Ursula v der Leyen is wrong when she claims Ukraine, historically.

  3. For the west led by America they're always averse to competition. Once they're unable to stand or compete or are beaten to any eandevour, they quickly and lazily or sheepishly start finding labels to their opponents…. Either in business, technology, militarily or in anything eg: Huawei, Wagner group or ZTE etc… America and their western vasal subordinate states are sore and shameless losers

  4. Here's an idea, seeing that pretty much no one has a clue as to where all these towns and villages are, how about using an interactive map? It would make the conversation much more interesting and be far more informative, sitting there talking about strategies and offences without some point of reference, gets a bit monotonous to be honest.

  5. If anyone thinks that the c —- o —– u —- p word will happen via the Military-Intelligence Industrial Media-Pharma Complex, think again. The whole thing is on automatic within a fossilized meritocracy fueled, unfortunately, by a mentally unstable psychiatric pill popping bureaucracy and megalomaniacal short-sighted leadership. Dr Strangelove has given birth – oh, my, men can now have children. [See?]

  6. Us is opening one more box, which will hit them in long term.
    Black Rock and Academy will also be treated as criminals.
    And I guess some former brigades of US forces are stationed world wide as private Mercenaries.
    Good luck USA. You are going down, by your own activities.

  7. The next Ukraine will be in South Africa where the US/UK/NATO has no choice but to try and stop the Chinese [and Russians] to get a stronger hold on Africa. South African harbours, trains, airports, gas, electricity supplier, mines, gold, diamonds and so on will be a big price worth fighting a war for that can pay for itself. From here they can start a big offensive to conquer all the mineral rich countries to the north. There is a trained million-man white army already waiting for them because they believe that this war was prophesied by one of their prophets more than a 120 years ago during the Boer War. Like the Ukrainians, all of them are ready to die for their country. This way they will get their country back. This will be the only way they will get their country back. I was born in South Africa and know their history and mentality. Everything is in place as predicted 120 years ago.

  8. I would not believe a word that comes out of Biden's mouth. He is the most proven politician to tell anyone what he thinks you want to hear, even to the point of a bald face lie he knows you know is untrue. The US deep state has never left the cold war and has been waging a war with Russia since WWII. FFS, they are still waging a war against Castro and he is pushing up daisies. Would not surprize me if Michael Corleone took out Fredo after 2024.

  9. Donbass battalion commander A. Khodakovsky with 10 years of experience of war there, "Ukraine is mobilizing the remnants, and we are just starting. The enemy has minimized its presence on most directions. How many active Ukrainian units passed through Soledar & Bakhmut and in what condition they came out of these meat grinders, you can guess. Same story on every site. Accordingly, in other areas, where the situation is more or less static, their strength is decreasing.
    Even tactically, the enemy doesn't feel very comfortable. Although I understand that they still retain some offensive capabilities, and somewhere we will see the introduction of these reserves. But in the strategic sense, they have reached their limits.
    No matter how much equipment the West supplies, the queen of the fields is still infantry. If Ukraine is already so ruthlessly mobilizing the last ones, that is, the most low-motivated people – they are caught anywhere and quickly sent into battle through take-off and landing courses – this indicates that the resource is depleted. They are trying to fight according to the principle – the best of the best have already been knocked out, let's get the best of the worst. Then only the worst of the worst will remain.
    We have always known that we are strong in the long game, when we start to catch up it is very difficult to stop us. And it seems to me that the 3rd phase will be very dynamic. We'll see at what borders we'll stop."

  10. Ukraine has destroyed three Russian helicopters in just half an hour, its air force has claimed.

    Last night, three Ka-52 choppers became the latest casualties of Vladimir Putin's botched invasion, with an estimated 281 Kremlin helicopters downed since the outbreak of war 11 months ago.

    The £12million single-seat attack chopper is nicknamed the Black Shark and has been described as Russia's 'deadliest helicopter'.

    Meanwhile, a Ukrainian spy chief has warned that if Russia's new offensive fails, it could be the 'ruin' of Putin.

  11. The Ukrainians do not kling on territory. It is in thair strange view, as Russian territory and the people are mainly Russians. Like they shelled Donetzk they have no problem to distroy this cities, because they know they will become Russian. Let's see what happend when the real war comes to the western shore of the dnipr.

  12. Alexander: You say that only an "external check" can stop the madness evident in Washington DC concerning the war in Ukraine. It was exactly this sort of thing that, 2500 years ago, stopped the madness of the ruling elites of Athens concerning the Peloponnesian War. That "external check" was the disastrous—and final—defeat of Athens by Sparta at the Battle of Aegospotami (405 BC). It will take something similar to stop the neo-cons who are running the Ukraine War. That is, only a military defeat of vast proportions—the necessary "external check"—will end the insanity. Japan and Germany received this lesson in 1945.

    No doubt such a defeat will lead to civil war in the US, with the question on everyone's mind: "Who lost Ukraine?" Expect surprises. Lots of them.

  13. So amusing how Mercouris explains as a virtue that Russia is unable to perform major armored operations.

    It is uuuh methodical, slow, gradual, merciless, (add 5 adjectives here).

    Attacking prepared defences with minimal casualties. Yeah…..

    Meanwhile MacGregor is foaming how Russia has 2000 tanks and 4000 IFVs ready to go in week or two in massive armored winter blitzkrieg that will end the war.


  14. Speaking of infrastructure sabotage and hacking attacks. You may want to look into the series of unexplained and oddly synchronous explosions in the USA. Namely some major LNG facilities such as the one in Texas. These were very suspiciously synchronized and there was scant coverage of it on local news. Perhaps these were retaliatory and may explain why the infrastructure events in Russia tapered off. Maybe the US got a taste of their own medicine. The Russians are no joke when it comes to hacking and I don't see any reason why the US would be any better at it.

  15. Russia is not going to lose, whoever thinks so is hallucinating. The US is not going to lose, they will simply go deeper into debt as they always have. The Ukraine has already lost its most productive regions and the people who lived there; western europe are the biggest losers. Ultimately, NATO might lose by winning skunks and losing pedigree horses.

  16. 8:51 – And the tactics of Basil II Bulgaroctonus (“Slayer of the Bulgars”). They worked.

    In WWII once they Soviet commanders got p;roper experience, they used similar tactics to break German lines. Narrow, deep regimental infantry columns would attack on a wide front after a massive artillery bombardment, including rear areas. Where breakthroughs took place, the T-34s would exploit the breakthroughs, accompanied by motorized/mechanized infantry (usually in Lend-Lease vehicles) and tank rider battalions. The latter were a rather rough bunch armed almost exclusively with PPsH-41 sub-machine guns. The result: The Red Banner was flying over the Reichstag.

  17. It will be disingenuous to place all the blame on this administration, this has been happening since 1946 to date. The USA's decline is not only on its policy towards Russia but rather its illegal actions in Africa, South East Asia, China and South America so quit addressing the God Damned USA as Democrats and Republican and stop taking sides because we quit mainstream News networks and rely on you, so please OBlIGE

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