Russia in Paraskovievka, Bakhmut; Few NATO Tanks, Nord Stream Questions for Stoltenberg, Sullivan

Russia in Paraskovievka, Bakhmut Cauldron; Few NATO Tanks for Ukraine, Nord Stream Questions for Stoltenberg, Sullivan
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  1. It should be possible to discover which particular unit was involved in the sabotage . Starting with which units had those capabilities and then discovering where those units were stationed in the relevant time frames. Even if the personnel were smuggled in covertly the necessary equipment would need to be deployed within range and should be reasonably obvious . If the Norwegian government was complicit then I would look for US naval vessels in their territorial waters . There are public records of naval movements so I expect probable vessels to be identified in the near future.

  2. The Russians aren’t going to attack Chasiv Yar with Infantry-Armored assault. They pulled back after a Reconnaissance In Force patrol. You don’t know what that is I know. Chasiv Yar has the most concentration of Ukrainian forces anywhere in Ukraine. Over 40,000 men. They are 90% foreign volunteers mercenaries that have yet to be committed into any combat operations. The mercenaries there are eating as much food as want and drinking alcoholic beverages. They spend their time eating, playing poker, playing Call of Duty, engaging in sex with young Ukrainian prostitutes and bragging about how tough they are. They are big handsome and brave. They are to good.. to valuable to be wasted in actual battles.(When this war is over they will go home and tell stories about being in combat 24/7 and saving Ukrainian soldiers over and over.. and killing hundreds of Russians single handedly). They are big and handsome so of they don’t lie. Problem is that Russia now has their tactical positions targeted and when the artillery fire starts coming in they will run out of Chasiv Yar .. ‘SO FAST’.. So Denys Davidov those mercenaries in Chasiv Yar are eating your food, drinking you vodka, making love to your young sweet women and loafing about bragging that they are superior to Ukrainian men both on the battlefield and in bed.

  3. They themselves asked for it: where and how "unknown saboteurs" can attack Western underwater infrastructure

    The terrorist attack against the Nord Streams called into question the security of maritime communications throughout the world. If something happened once, then it can happen again in one form or another. And this is not only about underwater gas pipelines, because there are many interesting things under water …

    Readovka wants to share with all interested parties information about the facilities, the decommissioning of which will be the most painful for Western countries and, above all, for the UK, Norway and the USA. By the way, why Norway? Yes, because someone needs to be taught a lesson. Do you want to carry chestnuts from the fire for the USA? Okay, but keep in mind the possible consequences. If Norway is forced to pay, then other states will think next time before “fitting in” with American adventures.

    Let's start with pipelines. After supplies from Russia declined, Europe fell into a catastrophic dependence on Norwegian exports. So the first target for respected "anonymous" should be Europipe I and II, Norpipe, as well as Zeepipe and Franpipe. Particular attention should be paid to Europipe II, through which almost 20% of all Norwegian gas passes and from which the Baltic Pipe branches off, supplying Poland and the Baltic states. All of the pipelines listed are crossed by standard shipping routes, so no excuse is needed to be above them.

    Transoceanic submarine communication cables are also of interest. 95% of Internet traffic goes through them. The breakage of even a few transatlantic cables would severely limit communications between the US and the EU. The focus here is on Dunant, MAREA and Havfrue cables, which deliver 518 TB/s.

    Not only Americans can play the game with unknown saboteurs. We have opportunities for a similar answer, so if we don’t want a repetition of attacks, maybe it’s still worth showing where the “red lines” really go, and what happens if they are crossed?

  4. The head of Wagner was not joking when he said it would take Russia another 2 years to reach the Dneiper
    It will take until summer to dismantle the zakinsky line ( bahmut sversk etc) so that’s a year since severodonesk fell.

    It will take 12 months to overcome the second line ( kamaratorsk etc)

    Then 6 months or so to the Dneiper

    So end ‘24 if all goes well for the Russians

    Only change to that is some big arrow offensives which surround Donbas and cut off supplies. The Russians have not shown any capability to be able to do this -so far.

  5. It occurs to me that there ought to have been a set of bombs still in place after the attack which might provide crucial material evidence to the identity of the perpetrators. Have those bombs been found and removed? If so, by whom? It would be interesting to look at records of all ships which have passed by and loitered in that area since the attack, though of course one cannot exclude the possibility of sub-based operations.

  6. The elephant in the room is the German defense minister, Annalena Baerbock. There is obviously a reason for a falling out between her and Olav Scholtz. The United States uses foreign militaries as a means of political control. They have repeated used miltary aid and training as an entry point for the eventual overthrow of governments and as a way to exert political control. The US would have to notify NATO and the German military before any impending actions so as to prevent a war erupting from them.

  7. At the beginning of the SMO, the US sanctions were being announced by Daleep Singh. When it was clear that the sanctions were not working, he quietly disappeared. Singh was Deputy National Security Advisor and left in April 2022 with the oft-used ambiguous excuse of having to "deal with a family issue."

  8. I feel US would not do what it did without informing German and promising it a cushion to the effect of complete cut off of Russian gas as a result. It may also have saved the Scholts government from collapsing as pressure was mounting over the Russian gas shutoff. At the same time, NATO needed to be informed because German is part of the group. The pipeline sabotage would be a provocation against a NATO member by a NATO member. To avoid that all concerned must agree. There must also be some other key NATO members involved or aware.

  9. I think it was clear right from the start that the US was responsible for blowing up Nord Stream, they did this to remove any leverage the Russians may gain from being able to supply gas to Europe. Also the US has now got Europe desperate enough to buy LNG from the US. How anyone in Europe thinks the US is our friend baffles me, they will do whatever they think necessary to preserve their hegemony including throwing any countries in Europe under the bus.

  10. I'm under the assumption that Bakhmut has now fallen!!! Thank goodness! Now maybe we can move on to something else!!!! If it hasn't fallen, can some of you pro Ruskies go over there and take Bakhmut for them. It would be a nice gesture you know! Since the Russian Army is having such a hard time of it. It would be the least you could do. LOL. Oh, by the way, have a nice day!

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