Russia is ready for a much larger conflict than Ukraine

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Recorded 1/31/2023.

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  1. Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences & Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov: "Five brigades of marines are being transformed into five divisions of marines – this is more than a threefold increase in the number of marines. Two additional brigades and two divisions of airborne troops are being created, seven additional motorized rifle divisions are being created, artillery divisions are being created, and brigades of special capacity are being created. Tank armies are given mixed air divisions and separate regiments. This is necessary only for deep operations by tank armies. That is, they are obviously preparing for a fundamentally new scale of confrontation with a high-tech enemy. It is absolutely clear that only the West can be such an opponent for Russia."

  2. Will be looking for the various other Countries where Ukrainian Military personnel are presumably being trained on various weapons systems to begin masking the increase in local violent crimes in those areas – especially after the soon-to-be-ex-patriots (since there won't be a homeland to which to return soon) become unhappy residents of a Country that they will feel let their Country down (by trickery or lack of support).

    A next generation al Qaida, but made up of unhappy troopers who are much harder to racially profile by skin color.

  3. "War is not the only option" Damn it would have been nice if Putin thought that way!! I would say war is the ONLY option when you are attacked and INVADED!! Did we not guarantee to protect Ukraine when they gave thair nukes to Russia Mr. Macgregor? As usual we did not keep our word.

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