Russia is striking Ukraine with accurate devastating firepower

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Audio recording: 2/7/2023.

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  1. 7:10 As far as youth being conscripted Read the history of Audie Murphy. But it takes time to train soldiers and as the education systems crash, the training may be done by military. Ukraine is desperate.
    But whole year groups(?) are dead and gone? That would mean millions have died. Not just 150K.

  2. Mr. Macgregor is one of the most well orientated high position men in USA and still the way he speaks for many european and mostly russian matters is so inaccurate. His idea of our eastern world and our views is very influenced by the U.S. mass media. This only shows how far did the americans went in their delusions. It's a crime against your own interest to have people in such positions touched by the propaganda.
    Compliments to Mr. Macgregor for being able to stay fairly accurate in his assumptions and trying to get the people back to reason.

  3. What we sense from Col Douglas Macgregor is, that Russia will succeed. I would appreciate if he could share his view with us, on how post war arrangements would look like, as we all know, that we face further trouble in Europe and the US remains 'weak' for a given period of time to sort the place…..

  4. 06:24 precision is the power. Artillery is the God of war. Or we can can go nuclear. During last decade US change all the denotators on nuclear rockets to hit pinpoint targets. Russia knows that. That's why all Russian nuclear subs Pacific fleet goes to US this summer to be 10 min from all your end of world. Let's see who are the bigger country.

  5. WE made agreements with russia to get what WE wanted, DIDN;T hold to our part of the agreement (which was simply to not extent nato closer to russia), then BLATENTLY extended closer and closer to russia, whilst at the same time begun training and arming ukraine whilst ukraine commited virtual genocide on any of its own people who wanted to retain their russian heritage, cultures and identities. this whole nightmare stems from usa and it's obsession with being king pin, it is a disgrace, a crime against humanity, and has to stop, and WE need to stop it.

  6. China did not cause "90% of the country to be fixated by a balloon." The responsibility for that rests soundly with the egregiously incompetence of the US military, the current regime in Wash DC and the unquestioning obedience of the US propaganda machine – the main stream media!!!

    The notion that the recent "balloon-gate" fiasco was intended as a BEGINNING of a campaign to stir hatred of China is totally absurd. THAT campaign started, at its very latest, in 2014 just after the US coup in Kiev started the chaos we see now, when Pres Obumma announced the "pivot to Asia."

  7. "European didn't sign up for war with Russia". But France (Emmanuel Macron), Germany (Angela Merkel & Olaf Scholz), Poland and UK (Boris Johnson) did sign up for war with Russia when they trained, armed and fuel hatred to the Ukrainazis towards Russians, and killed thousands of Russians inside Ukraine and the Donbass. Feel no sorry for pro EuroMaidan protesters, Neo-nazis Banderites. Yes, the major powers in Europe who controls the EU and European decisions sign up for war with Russia when they sabotage the Minsk Agreement destined to create peace for Russia and Ukraine.

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