Russia Missile Strikes, Ukraine Admits Heavy Losses, Turkey Mulls Syria Pullout, Xi Putin Friendship

Russian Missiles Strike Again, Ukraine Admits Heavy Bakhmut Losses, Turkey Mulls Syria Pullout, Xi Putin Renew Friendship
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  1. Happy New Year to You Alexander and your family and to All watchers of your videos.
    Also the the fighters on both sides of the trenches in Ukraine- stay safe and good luck in the coming year may it be over soon.
    Thank you once again for your information and dedication to this subject matter Alexander.
    All the best from down under🙂

  2. Ukraine has convinced and assured the WesternPower leaders, especially the dementia Biden, that her army will soon be taking over and capturing Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kalingrad and even Vladivostok by end of Winter if not in early Spring. The world shud expect cheap oil and gas sometime at the beginning of April.

  3. Like Putin YOU'RE EDUCATION is on show the inability to accept reality. Facts Ukraine has ruled out any possible talks, Russia has been duped and stooged multiple times a problem of EDUCATION vs INTELLIGENCE this has only one out come the total destruction and removal of UKR from the map of Europe. If Russia fails to carry out the task in future they deserve anything that befalls them. TAKE ACTION WHEN ACTION IS DUE OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. One thing I've learned in life is stupid people don't actually realise they're stupid I know because I have asked many to their face the result? a vacant state there really is nothing going on in their head.

  4. Alexander you are underestimating the ruthless, vicious psychopathy of the American planners and their no-lose strategy with all of Ukraine and its citizens as pawns.

    The goal of American strategy is to weaken Russia. A defeat of Russia is a “win” for them. The total destruction of Ukraine is also a “win.”

    But why in the latter case?

    Because the more Ukrainians who die, the easier it will be for the American government to paint Russia and President Putin with the genocide brush (despite the American history of genocide including Iraq) — including a possible genocide ruling by the ICJ.

    The demonization of Russia, personified by “Putin” as the demon is the primary psyop to deter diplomacy and prevent an alliance across Eurasia from London to Moscow to Beijing — their worst nightmare for losing American megalomaniacal global full-spectrum dominance of Earth and all of its nations.

    See PPS-23 in 1948 and every NSS since then.

  5. Alexander, may you and your family have a prosperous and healthy New 2023 Year.
    I enjoyed listening to your regular presentation on daily basis regarding the military conflict between Ukraine and Russian Federations because I trust what you are telling to your listeners is true and fair to the both sides.

  6. Perhaps the “West” is using Russia to fight /reduce the Neo Nazis? The Nazis are the worlds worst people People will not forget their atrocities on Jewish people. Idk. That question is (to me) the only acceptable and obvious reason to support this war. Can’t Ukrainian soldiers see this? Also The West must have a sneaky trick up their sleeves? (Also all of the elected officials have cozy bunkers. while they risk humans lives by this war. I think Russia has to act faster to win. The longer he waits , the West could give weapons to surrounding countries to destroy Russia by launching attacks via missiles all at one time? Thank you🌺

  7. Alexander, my point was there’s no way 4 months of fighting with Russia “pushing into the city” of Bhakmut is incorrect due to the fact, Wagner group had failed to capture the city now Russian troops are failed to capture it. Now, you keep saying with unnecessary sacrifice on Ukrainians side, I disagree. I think it’s Russia raised expectations “the city is about to fall” into the enemy should surrender now! Slogan. Why would they surrender? Russia needs a victory so badly, it focused on one city after giving up Kherson and Kharkiv regions. Bhakmut is extremely important for Russia than Ukraine, Ukraine can take one set back can Russians afford that? No. How Putin and the military leaders embarrassed Russia to the whole wide world is very clear to me but it will be clearer everyday. When I saw Russia marching to Kiev I thought they will go in and remove that comedian from power and get a better deal but I was wrong and so are military analysts. The comedian was told to leave by Americans but refused to leave but chose to stay and lead his people. It looks like he is winning and the NATO warmongering organization whose aim is to dismantle Russia as we know it. Putin is making it happened.

  8. Circa minute four the news that high level foreign military hiyeddins are being evacuated after their command post was or May hav been hit by a drone? Extraordinary” in context of how the little people don’t usually survive this sort of treatment when they are ‘targeted’?!

  9. Happy new year to you and yours Alexander. As I said previously, "You think we're running out of missiles? Here, cop this, and there's more to come. Much more. Every day, day after day. The more MSM says we're running out of stuff, the more we'll send."

  10. The US and the collective west/ the G7 had a century to collaborate with the rest of the world to improve the entire world, as BRICS appears to be doing. Instead the G7 countries prefered to maintain the dark ages, policies of fear, war, competitive dominance, underhanded tactics. Which have finally run their course are now backfiring on them throughout 2022.

  11. The present conflict in Ukraine shows that Russia has not forgotten one of the main lessons of WW II. That you don't wait for Nazis to become so powerful that they can threaten the world at large. You nip a Nazi problem like that in the bud!! In that vien it can be also be said that Ukraine is now just reaping what it has sowed for its many decades long coddling of neo Nasties! On well!!

  12. This war ass all the other NATO wars has never been about winning or weakening Russia as far as the West goes. It's always been about the vast wealth that goes through the MIC and back to the politicians. That is why the longer it goes on they continue to arm Ukraine even when the Western countries and their people suffer. This has been the largest money making scheme in history.


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