Russia Pushes Ukr Back from Klescheyevka; US DoD Admit Ukr Offensive Failure, Seek Restart Autumn

Russia Pushes Ukr Forces Back from Klescheyevka, Continues Kupiansk Advance; US DoD Admit Ukr Offensive Failure, Seek Restart Autumn, Despite Ukr Losses
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  1. Kamikaze Ukrainian infantry testing minefields for efficiency. Biden should look at those videos of men walking to their deaths and consider talks to end this as the meatgrinders go into overdrive and all of still more of Ukraine is lost to 'the enemy'. Those neocons driving this war have no conscience, no humanity at all. Its all just power and money. Godless heathens pointing fingers at the commies when they themselves are twice as devious and immoral.

  2. Such nonsense Alex. I saw a funny video on Facebook, a Russian cruise ship had docked at a port in Georgia, when they arrived crowds on the dock booed and when the left, the Georgians played the Ukrainian national anthem, very loudly! In occupied Ukraine, drivers refuse to change their number plates to Russian ones, people on the streets of Odessa are partying at night despite being attacked by Russian drones and missiles. Putin doesn't have a clue, the Russian army is winning NOWHERE, and Shoigu has to go cap in hand to North Korea to beg for weapons. Sorry Alex, you were saying something?

  3. Ruble is in a free-4-all. Today it is 98 rubles to 1 USD. Spin that. Everything is 40% more expensive for imports. It will collapse. It was 84 in June with no signs of recovery and started nose diving after Wagner's attempted coup. The Russian monetary policy makers have to battle plan. Just letting it slide.

    From its highest value in the past calendar year, 57.25 to the USD, the Ruble has lost 64 percent of its value – nearly 40 percent of that since this past January

  4. even relatively good generals often deny defeat or its significance and just move on to the next idea. When the Germans were surrounded in Stalingrad, many on the German general staff insisted it was a good trick and will help them win by tying down Soviet units. You see this kind of thinking in the Western media right now, everything is somehow a Ukrainian trick and will help win, even if this explanation doesn't make any sense and what is happening is undeniably a complete disaster and a defeat

  5. "Russia Pushes Ukr Back from Klescheyevka" Apparently this is purely RU propaganda imaginary crap. UA side made advances south of Bakhmut in the last two days and the settlement is held hard by the UA 3rd Assault Brigade (Azov). Those guys don't quit a position easily.

  6. In 5 minutes I will be posting on my page confirmation that the Russians have retreated from Klescheyevka under heavy Ukr fire. This Alex is a born liar and gives out false Russian information and propaganda. My videos will prove Russians have retreated from Klescheyevka💪

  7. I posted the real truth about Klescheyevka on my page. Russian troops have surrendered, been killed and retreated under heavy Ukr forces fire in Klishchiivka. Here you can see Ukr forces have taken over the Russians positions and Klishchiivka is fully in Ukr hands. Alex is a Russian fake Russian propaganda puppet who just tells his subscribers what he is told to tell them by his Putin backed masters.

  8. For the Abrams and Leopard 2 tanks they were made with the cold war in mind. They were to fight in defensive hull down positions against the Soviet onslaught of tanks across the Fulda gap. This is why their weight is so immense compared to russian tanks. You dont need to maneuver much when your planning on fighting from fixed defensive positions.

  9. Russia is not finished mobilising their Army. They are currently heading for 1.2 million soldiers which will ensure they can annex all of Ukraine east of the Dneiper including a wide strip along the south west coast from Kherson to the Romanian border. This is more than 40% of the country. The rump state of western Ukraine will be de-Nazified, demilitarized, and politically neutralized per Austria. Ethnic/cultural Ukrainians will be moved west of the Dneiper. All ethnic/cultural Russians will be given the right to move into the annexed territory or elsewhere in Russia as citizens. Any attempt by USnato to subvert these goals will result in further Russian mobilization and the Army crossing temporarily into western Ukraine, even though Russia absolutely does not want to rule over Ukrainians.
    This end state should be completely nonnegotiable by Russia. If USnato thinks Ukraine is owed reparations, they can pay out of their own pocket as they are entirely responsible for creating this war.

  10. I posted on my page more proof that this alex is spreading false information again about Klescheyevka. Russian special forces elite troops ambushed in Klishchiivka by Ukr forces. Notice the BMP commander decided to leave all his troops and ran away in his BMP with only one survivor running after it.

  11. I posted on my page Just for @DTJKS. Ukrainian farmers have stolen 100's of Russian tanks and vehicles and towed them back for Ukr forces to use against the Russians.

    Being hit by your own tanks must feel bad. Enjoy and weep. Silly replying to me with Ru forces captured a few Ukr tanks. 😂😂Ukrainian farmers have stolen 100's of Russian tanks and vehicles. 🚜🚜🚜

  12. I have seen more action in a grave yard then this place. 111 k of watchers? More like 10 k of watcher and 91 k payed to watch bots. 111 k and only 8.1 k of likes? sums don't add up. less then 1 in 11 even like this Putin supporters ramblings.

  13. have seen more action in a grave yard then this place. 111 k of watchers? More like 10 k of watcher and 91 k payed to watch bots. 111 k and only 8.1 k of likes? sums don't add up. less then 1 in 11 even like this Putin supporters ramblings.

This War Is Over Russia Has Won

This War Is Over, Russia Has Won

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Bringing Julian Assange Home │ Senator Shoebridge