Russia Starts New Offensive near Kremmina. Tanks and Fighter Jets.


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  1. When a thoroughbred warhorse loses its high,

    the disappointed backers start

    to underscore the clunkiness of their valued nag.

    Will the Allies commit itself to MANUFACTURE ?

    offensive weaponry? just 2 keep a losing gladiator

    on a nag alive? Don't think so.
    Nudge 'em closer

    to the glue factory.

  2. I saw video of Wagner guys crossing the river. They put some wood planks and shit over the river and made it trough. But the infantry only. For armored vehicle i think probably only tanks can cross. But if tanks cross they can use tools and pull trucks etc with the tanks. I think bakmutovka is easly crossable. Worst case they can bring some mobile crossing bridge car. They have some of those in the russian army.

  3. Все вы прекрасно понимаете что с Россией лучше дружить, те кто дружить с Россией будет процветать. Те кто соберётся воевать с Россией… проше говоря мы встретимся с вами в вашей столице.

  4. The Rheinmetall L44 gun has already been proven to not be able to reliably pen the frontal quartz/steel armor of the T-72 at ranges greater than 500 meters. So unless there are any A6/A7 leopard tanks going over Ukraine is going to get 14 tanks that can engage head to head with the Russians at range and a bunch of mobile pill boxes for ambush attacks.

  5. Russians and ukrainians are so similar I wouldn't be surprised to some Russians swim over there icy River … Ukrainians wold do the same.. it's a shame that the West provoked this to happen. For the most part most are ukrainians don't care whether it's called Russia or Ukraine. As long as they get to I live out there life in peace. People live in a very modest away. They don't ask for much just to be alone to their duchass the were they could tend their gardens and live out their life … But even then the greed of the few poisons the life of so many. It's sad.

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