Russia Storming Bakhmut, Marinka Encircled. FT, Ukraine Short of AD Missiles, China Slams Merkel

Russia Storming Bakhmut, Marinka Encircled, FT Says Ukraine Running Short of AD Missiles, China Slams Merkel on Minsk
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  1. I cant stop seeing the symbol of the iron cross on most of the ukrainian "rescuers" and military personnel in footage which is released online and in some media outlets… I always associated the iron cross with a military rank of Germany… is this of significance or am I wrong and the iron cross is just a symbol of honor of some kind… ??

  2. Alexander. Why are you quoting idiotic troll articles from Global Times? You're intelligent enough to know, and more than well aware of, the fact that Merkel's words have plainly been taken out of context here. Clearly she didn't mean "giving Ukraine time" to rearm!! Look at the interviewer's comments immediately after those words. You know Merkel had never envisioned a conflict with Russia, or else she wouldn't have agreed to Nord Stream 2. Saying so, I think you've admitted as much in prior videos.

  3. There is no point in taking sides or even thinking about them. The only thing one must realize is that this conflict is lining the pockets of someone with your tax dollars and that someone is not you! All other aspects including who’s right and who’s wrong are meaningless! Get it?

  4. Why do you repeat things you later say you can't confirm, If you can't confirm then all you are doing is repeating gossip – Russia convicts & mercenaries entered the eastern residential industrial area Bakhmut 2 days ago and house to house street fighting has started – Russian attempts to encircle Backhmut have failed – a Spetsnaz unit from Kherson that joined the fight has fallen – Ukraine are still waiting for the ground to freeze solid

  5. When are you going to tell your viewers about the attack on the Wagner Group hotel in Kadiivka Mercouris, where dozens of these THUGS were killed. If you are subjective, as you claim to be you need to tell both sides of this war and not just be used as a brainless propaganda outlet for that evil despot Putin !!!

  6. Tell us about the bridge South East of Melitopol Mercouris, you know the one that brings supplies to the main army in that area from Russia through the Donbas. The destroyed bridge, which now can no longer be used for that purpose. Remind your viewers that this was exactly how Kherson fell, something which you told us would never happen !!!!

  7. China took US Chip Act to WTO. US told WTO the Chip Act is outside their jurisdiction, Chip Act is US National Security Interest which is outside WTO scope 😂

    Europe took US Inflation Act to WTO. US allowed it, Inflation Act not US National Security Interest 😀

    ICC opened Iraq and Afghanistan war crimes against US. US sanctioned investigators and judges, they cannot travel. US told ICC, US soldiers and citizens are outside ICC and UNHCR jurisdiction.
    They can investigate other countries but not US 😂

    US yelling we support "international rule based order" 😀 What US says, US do not do.

  8. Hi Alex, please allow me to congratulate you on your sartorial elegance, I find the double-headed eagle crest design particularly attractive. I assume it's inspired by the Imperial Russian coat of arms.
    Anyway, be that as it may, isn't there a slight cognitive dissonance in the fact the gang of mercenaries (Wagner PMC) attacking Bakhmut in order to supposedly "denazify" the town, happens to be named in honor of the Führer's favorite composer?

  9. Re Merkel & Minsk…. Perhaps Merkel went into Minsk merely to save what was left of the Ukraine army and the NATO personnel embedded in it. It was never about peace or agreement for her or the West. At the time I think it suited Russia to go along with it. Putin understood it would never work nor be allowed to work. He went along with it in order to have time to prepare Russia for the inevitable and unavoidable conflict with the collective West and NATO. The West does not want peace or accord with Russia. The West wants the Russian Federation destroyed and balkanized into neoliberal feudal satrapies. I think Putin et al understood all this back in 2014 and realized they had to prepare for what looks to be WW3.

  10. Some of us have accused Putin of nativité by participating in the process of the Minsk Agreements and trying to implement them. However, the other side of the coin seems to be that by pursuing this path, Putin gave the sectarian Euromaidan regime in Kiev and its NATO/EU sponsors all the rope it(they) needed to hang itself(themselves) – both metaphorically and literally, as shown by the confessions of both Poroshenko and Merkel.

  11. One is in full agreement with Global CFT – Russia has never been part of Europe – it is the largest country in the World spanning as far as China. The problem that has been, for decades, (particularly throughout the Cold War) ; ideological. However, attitudes and ideologies are now changing bringing Russia and China much closer.

  12. Arguably, the populace of Europe, and, the US cannot trust their own politicians / Governments – so why would Russia think of trusting them? Russophobia has always been a convenient distraction fed to the populace to explain the decades of military adventurism.

    In addition, the populace of Europe is beginning to get cold and hungry in the evenings – however, there is no doubt that Sleepy Jo, BoJo Johnson, Lizzie (the lettuce) Truss, Zelenskyy, and his neo-nazi mob, etc ARE NOT going to go cold or hungry over Winter.

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