Russian Captures Bekhova; China Ukraine Position Paper Criticises West, Russia-China Deepen Ties

Russian Captures Bekhova, Bakhmut Siege Tightens; China Ukraine Position Paper Criticises West, Russia-China Deepen Ties
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  1. I'm curious how YouTube determines who to go after. Why have they got such a hard on about some channels (IEarlGrey) and some not. Duran hasn't ever been demonetized or banned during the year I've been watching that I'm aware of. Duran has put out mountains more of Ukraine/Russia material with zero censorship cost.

  2. The Chinese are very smart. For a peace plan to work both sides must want peace. But one side in this conflict didn't, and still doesn't, which is the West. So the Chinese don't publish a peace plan, they publish a position paper asking for peace. But they know that it's probably not going to happen till there is a military victory. How do you persuade people who have sold their souls and are at the beck and call of an evil power to break away from their owners and chose peace? It's kind of funny how much these people talk about freedom. They have no freedom. They have masters who own them. But the wealth they've been given makes them think they're free. The freedom to revel in material and physical pleasures, freedom from morals and conscience, is not freedom. They become slaves to their desires appetites. Eventually these physical pleasures become less and less gratifying, and have less and less value, and the individual seeks bigger and bigger thrills, sinking deeper into immorality. Till at some point the grotesqueness of the reality they have created becomes obvious even to them. Some of these people won't realise this until they die.

    I wish someone though, a leader of a country, would come out and state clearly the reasons for this war, and point the finger squarely at the US and the EU. Maybe then Western media would have to report on it, and tell their people the reasons for this war. I don't know why someone doesn't. Maybe they're afraid of the US putting sanctions on them too. Given it is the US which planned and started this war, given that they are behind most wars, it's other countries that should be sanctioning the US. It's the US who should be suspended from the UN Security Council. And yet so many Americans believe they are the only democratic nation on the planet. People are easily deceived. The world needs to get a lot smarter. Goodness is often portrayed as naivety, we think of innocence as being unworldly. Maybe when we're children this is true. This is how the wicked would like to keep us; ignorant. Actually though, to be a force for good in the world takes brains, you need to see through all the deceptions of the adversary and overcome them.

    "Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn from them. 6Do not forsake wisdom, and she will preserve you; love her, and she will guard you…" (Proverbs 4:5-6)

  3. Glad u give justice to Russia. I am from Asian country. I stand for Russia. They are cornered by the western powers. I am a Chinese but not from China. The mentality of Chinese from China is mind their own business. China’s intention to be in a constructive role in this peace plan is they want to take this opportunity to elevate their world position. They also don’t want Russia to lose the war which clearly Russia is winning.

  4. Countries that are supplying "lethal aid" to Ukraine are participating,on the side of Ukraine in a war against Russia.
    NATO is a military arm of and controlled by,the US.
    European countries that are joined to NATO have been "coerced" and in one case,forced by the use of force,to follow the US policy of economic,political,and military aggression against Russia.
    The US has announced clearly,publically that China is next on their warmongering agenda,according to US military command by 2027,or even before by 2025.
    It must be evident for both China and Russia to see the US as their common enemy,so cooperation on strategic defense will be(come)a priority.
    To maintain US hegemonic world domination the US is driving the world towards a split between the US "led" (through nefarious- means)West and the rest of the world.
    The obsession by the US for it's unipolar superpower status is an example of when power becomes too much -it conflicts with everything around it,including itself,losing all sense,headlong and obstinate,to catastrophy.
    Catastrophy is when nuclear powers collide.

  5. I listened to a bunch of neo cons talking about the war in Ukraine and it was all a big pack of lies and projection .
    I realise these people are really evil with a capital E , and are quite willing to use and sacrifice the lives of millions of people to achieve their satanic projects .

  6. Sorry to say, the Western propaganda media compleatly supresses everything explaining why Russia had to do the SMO.
    The final straw was when Ukraine intensified the shelling of the Dombass and Luhansk independent regions, after that Russia finally recognized them as independent.
    That shelling of Russian speaking civilians in Ukraine had then been ongoing 8 years, without any reaction from the West!

    This has quite correctly been described as a genocide. But not in the West!

    We can see that the Western propaganda works because of the many YT and Twitter comments that Russia invaded Ukraine "for no reason".
    A clear sign that there are many morons in the US and UK,

    These event were only the final straw, of course. There were also Russias security concerns, which they tried to resolve by diplomatic means at the end of the year before the invasion.

    The West compleatly ignored them, so here we are!

  7. Alexander may I recommend you watch your uploaded videos and see how many ads you put in your videos.
    You did this at the beginning and after complaints you didn't insert as many. However the last few months you are again allowing a ridiculous amount of ads in your videos.
    I'm well aware ads = revenue, however you are even worse than Lady C for ads.

  8. If China gets involved, they will completely overshadow just in ground military alone over the US. Secondly, China with their own agenda isn't cuddly with the likes of the US. They have accumulated a plethora of military weapons now to the point that you could say they are on the verge of being a super power of their own if not already. If China and Russia bind in agreement against the West, the EU will be annihilated as Russia will indeed push into and will devour it. The rest like Canada will be easily conquered in mere hours which then establishes a battle front against the US. Am I dreaming or out of my mind? No. These are the facts in which if things continue along the path they are now, this will certainly come into fruition. The West today is no match against the East when combined in forces today.

    Personally, I think it is about time the US gets their arrogant and greedy rear ends handed to them. They have destroyed enough countries and this includes Ukraine. They are the warmongering nation of the world and are frantically obsessed in their unquenchable pursuit for world domination. Thus, why their involvement with Ukraine. Unfortunately for the US however, they will not succeed and yet because of their insanity, they will nevertheless continue trying. The American people should demand their military pull out of every single country and tend to their own affairs and start taking care of their citizens instead. The people of America are in a world of hurt and not a damn one is trying to take care of its people.

  9. In a laps of less than a year , it became evident for all those countries having over 3.9 billion inhabitants & to most of their populations , and clarified once more for most of Russians , now supporting the efforts of their heroic Army and their most courageous leader M. Vladimir Putin , supporting them and their just government even stronger than their initial instinct , of a peace loving nation and people of all religions and ideologies freely existing in peace in Russian Federation and their neighboring countries , that a particularly virulant warmongering and genocidal regime had been installed in Ukraine , by USA government interventions of Regime Change Policy since 1947 , of most democratically elected governments , by coup-d'Etats and by massacres as in Iran or in Indonesia in 1953 , and genociadal wars as in S.E. Asia etc… , well known and deplored corrupt and anti-democratic politics ruling in USA , and pointed out by their far-sighted President D. Eisenhower in 1961 ! A particularly cruel and criminal regime in a coalition government chosen by Washington, and to include NAZIs of Five Groupes of world known fascists , NAZIs and Extreem Nationalists allied together in Police and in Army as well as in Security governmental posts , widely detested by peace loving nation of Ukraine ! A Regime , not hesitating to massacre Donbass Ukrainians of Russian Origines since 2014 to 2022 , but going as far as to create a particularly escalating dangerous war against Russia , a Super Power of Nuclear and space capabilities of latest technological advanced Army and Navy and Air Forces , as to stand alone against most NATO and plus powers , proven in Syria before during 2012-20122 and still firmly defending The Syrian People ! This regime installed by USA in Ukraine goes as far as provoking even false flag instances provoked by it's missiles to kill even innocent persons in Poland a freindly country , without extending freindship , but insighting the polish nation by false news that The Russians have done the crime , that themselves commited , even verified by USA and declared immidiately in order to give angry people of the world a temporary insurance of continued world peace maintained by their sophisticated satelite system of surveillance of the war zone ! Ukraine and M. Zellensky , a former comedian of TV shows , having such excess self satisfaction of pretending to rule over all forces of Army, disappeared Navy or Air orces and security or police forces in Ukraine , and regularly issues false statements as to going as far as to endanger the whole world peace with nuclear war and almost to a total destruction of all civilizations on this planet ! All for justifying for it's narrow minded , pro-NAZI attitudes and willing to go as far as almost ethnic cleansing practices of conducting a loosing war , which amounted to over 20 millions of regugees fleeing towards Russia with their families , and evacuated by consent to Russian safe frontiers , under Russian Government complete social sfety and social unbrella , as Russian people !

  10. Music to my ears from Marinka, Ukraine: "On February 22, a Russian armored group occupied the Pobeda farm, near Marinka, Donetsk region. After the group fell under Javelin fire and lost 4 BMP-3s and 2 tanks, the Russians retreated. Positions were recaptured after the Ukrainian counterattack."

  11. I shall take a bet with everybody in the world that the US is going to force Russia into using a Nuclear missile in Ukraine. Ukraine is being set up. Why will they do that? To see how effective it is, and to study it. Ukraine is the guineapig as well as the nuclear target that they paid for. Even nuclear missiles has a limit to how many people can be killed. They want to find that limit for future fights because conventional means of fighting is too slow for today’s political pace in the world. The US will even give permission for Russia to drop a Nuclear Bomb on Ukraine.

  12. This war a race between, breaking the will of the leaders and people of Russia and China, and the awaking and disunity of the people of the west when inflation becomes unbearable and they realize they are being bleed to death (by monsters of finance who seek to enslave). My bet is that paper currency will burn before silver, gold and other real treasure; and that the people in the west will not always be as blind as the monsters anticipate.

  13. One thing I've learned from your report, that I hadn't thought about deeply. Putin, before engaging full on in the SMO, he informed his people, convening with advisors and security council, which was shown on Russian TV. He didn't make the decision alone nor clandestinely. This was a public decision. Busting once again this wretched western lie that Putin is an autocratic evil dictator. An act that of course instills trust in people. A characteristic of leadership that our "democratic" western leaders could L stand to adopt.

  14. The Chinese Position Paper, as you've presented, shows me that China and Russia have evolved to develop a healthy, functional, respectful, autonomous relationship. This contrasts to the relationships established by the west, which are dysfunctional, disrespectful and unhealthy. The vassel and slave states of the US act like codependents and the US acts like a raging, narcissistic addict. The west needs to faithfully attend 12 step programs.

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