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Russian General reveals PFIZER & Australian Doherty Institute Ukraine link!

☣️ Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops, holds briefing on U.S. military and biological activity.

The General also quotes @veritasvisuals & Stew Peters.

Share. Download and Re-upload before they ban this bombshell video!

Translation spoken by @AussieCossack

Written by Aussie Cossack

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  1. "Satan is the God of this world."

    Those words spoken some 2000 yrs ago have come to resonate loudly in the times we live in.

    Evil exists and the dark lord is a master manipulator. Plenty fall for his deceptions, just take the clotshot for example.

    Wisdom from above is required to navigate thru this difficult period.

    And again we are told, the fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom.

  2. My Russian Bro….fantastic reporting….Melbourne Serb loves ur work. Hopefully these enlightened muppets who get all their wonderful knowledge of current day events from mainstream media….hold me I’m about to puke….I hope that those journalists and media editors and chiefs are put up to be judged for all their fear mongering, name calling, their blatant lies, rapturously obeying the false narratives of so called health advice. The same goes for the likes of the obedient lap dog politicians who sold out to their elite masters for bag fulls of silver, like Judas Iscariot the disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ!!! The cock eyed, dumbo eared Daniel ‘ I cannot recall’ Andrews, the then prime minister who should be in jail for his pedofilic crimes against tiny children. Media ppl, politicians, CHO’s, head of Australian TGA Dr skerit …all or most should do time in the hardest and harshest of jails. That would serve as a warning to all current and future politicians, that there will be no more immunity from prosecution….in fact those with greater/responsibly will b judged the harshest

  3. Nothing new to me. The US and Australia and other western interests have been involved in gain of function in the Wuhan Lab – they created a bioweapon – all sponsored by big pharma and others, those who fund the WEF and the NWO. The Ukraine is known for illegal chemical and other research, besides child/sex trafficking and other biological weapons… We have been called conspiracy theorists and other names for exposing the truth in the past and now the truth is coming out. Whistleblowers and others are releasing information bit by bit… Thank you Russia for bringing this information out and thank you AC!

  4. A brilliant report. This revelation should wake up the World in what the US is doing in Ukraine and many other countries around the World. The psychopaths in power in the US basically want to be able to kill as many peoples of the World in the most efficient manner possible. These people are evil beyond measure. If this revelation does not make the scientific community all over the world to stand up and collectively say something about all this then they are just as complicit as the psychopaths in the United States of America .

  5. I didn’t hear anything about DOHERTY INSTITUTE? They were paid by AusGov to provide modeling to justify the draconian measures. This modeling was also used by gov institutions to force vaccinate all staff as well. Modeling was a mile off of reality

  6. Great information always Aussue Cossack. I have a question, My Mum was born in USSR in the city of Kiev and studies at the Russian music conservatory there. which is now called the Ukraine National Tchaikovski Accademy of Music which makes it sound full of self important air. Can I, my wife, and children easily become Russian citizens. We live in Adelaide at the moment.


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