Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO

Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO
The Duran: Episode 1464



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Written by The Duran

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  1. Russian a juggernaut. Omg. Best joke on this program yet.
    First russia can't afford to compete with the west industrially in an all out war. Wanna try it agian? Go ahead. Even Stalin said the war was won by Ford. No one and not even by a close margin no one can compete with the us industrial potential. Our massive navigable waterways see to that. Canada has the same geography as the mines in russia that produce all its mineral resources and between Canada and the us there is more than enough light sweet and heavy crude to meet any demand for deisel jet fuel or gasoline and all the ethylene byproducts.
    I'm a pro intervention American. If I'm going to pay for it I want to see it used. Please start some shit with a nato member. I would love to see russia get it's teeth kicked in by our airforce without have to put a boot in russia.
    As for China they have no blue water navy. 83 ships are capable of traveling more than 1500 miles at cruise speed in a straight line. That's not a navy, it's a task force. Shut down the strait of malaca and china starves and runs out of energy in a year. They are the single most import dependent country on the globe.
    This has become a joke. Russia is a joke. Who cares about nukes. Use them we all die. Seems better to live and accept the fact that the soviet union is gone and russia is a shell of its former self. With less than half the population of the us and not even the technical expertise to run its own oil extraction or design and fab even decade old semiconductor.
    It's time to get a grip on reality.

  2. Russia is not capable of winning a war against NATO. They are barely holding their ground in Ukraine. I will say, however, the motivation to fight your brothers Ukraine/Russia would be different than NATO/Russia. Realistically, without a United allied force, winning a NATO war is wishful thinking. NATO alliances have been practicing, integrating and improving their capabilities for decades longer than Russia and her allies. Sorry. I hope and pray Russia doesn't make the mistake of an offense against NATO.

  3. I watched the latest Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series and the breakdown of the storey is that some Russians saw the president as weak and decided to start war by detonating a nuclear weapon in a NATO country and overthrowing the president. There are probably some powerful people in Russia who would like to go all out against the suppliers of weapons to Ukraine.

  4. Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

    China 1949 to early 1960s

    Albania 1949-53

    East Germany 1950s

    Iran 1953 *

    Guatemala 1954 *

    Costa Rica mid-1950s

    Syria 1956-7

    Egypt 1957

    Indonesia 1957-8

    British Guiana 1953-64 *

    Iraq 1963 *

    North Vietnam 1945-73

    Cambodia 1955-70 *

    Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *

    Ecuador 1960-63 *

    Congo 1960 *

    France 1965

    Brazil 1962-64 *

    Dominican Republic 1963 *

    Cuba 1959 to present

    Bolivia 1964 *

    Indonesia 1965 *

    Ghana 1966 *

    Chile 1964-73 *

    Greece 1967 *

    Costa Rica 1970-71

    Bolivia 1971 *

    Australia 1973-75 *

    Angola 1975, 1980s

    Zaire 1975

    Portugal 1974-76 *

    Jamaica 1976-80 *

    Seychelles 1979-81

    Chad 1981-82 *

    Grenada 1983 *

    South Yemen 1982-84

    Suriname 1982-84

    Fiji 1987 *

    Libya 1980s

    Nicaragua 1981-90 *

    Panama 1989 *

    Bulgaria 1990 *

    Albania 1991 *

    Iraq 1991

    Afghanistan 1980s *

    Somalia 1993

    Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *

    Ecuador 2000 *

    Afghanistan 2001 *

    Venezuela 2002 *

    Iraq 2003 *

    Haiti *2004

    Somalia 2007 to present

    Honduras 2009 *

    Libya 2011 *

    Syria 2012

    Ukraine 2014 *

    Oh Yeah, Why does America need 863 military bases in 183 countries for "defense" the hypocrisy is mind boggling.

  5. Think this way.
    Maybe Russia wants american troops inside Ukraine so they send thousands in bodybags back to US and create some big problems inside US and maybe a civil war there.
    Maybe Russia is more smarter and intelligent than we give credit. Their chessboard is not the same the west plays.
    Russia is not afraid of Nato. That is a fact.

  6. When you've been a bully all your life and are surrounded by other "collective" bullies in your camp (from mother to father, brother to sister, uncle and aunt and "best friends) you hardly ever lose. Your mind is full of greed and hubris and is permanently in a state of "I am the best and you are nothing". I will get my way regardless. And, when I don't, its your fault.

  7. Nato always wanted to fight Russia. Well let them. Pity they (US) have to include their little brothers as they can't fight alone. Just look at Vietnam. This time they are up against a worthy opponent who can and will shoot back. This time it's not a case of dropping nukes on a country not posessing them. Once Putin cuts off their oil and gas they are already pretty much screwed. The eastern block countries are tired of the hegemon. Good luck to the west should ww3 break out.

  8. America has no Manurfracterys to bild no Arms, Tramps, America is a Land od Low Grade Morons who Eath their own Shit.
    A powerful winter storm claims at least 22 lives across the US as
    temperatures plunge, winds howl and power lines fall
    More than 315000 homes and businesses nationwide were without power
    Christmas Eve, thanks to an Arctic blast and winter storm that tore down…
    11 hours ago
    US winter storm: Icy blast hits 250m Americans and Canadians
    At least 19 deaths are linked to the freeze, which has brought blizzards and floods
    to the US and Canada.
    1 day ago
    The New York Times
    White-Out Conditions and Subzero Temperatures Upend Holiday
    High winds and heavy snow and ice have disrupted flights and closed major roads
    across the middle of the United States.

  9. I really found of paramount importance the Durans commentaries about the completely lack of accountability the elites in the west enjoy in reference to their policies and decisions in connection to the Ukraine's conflict.

    I would like to refer to the impunity (=lack of accountability) the western elites shows in reference to any accountability: on the risks they take, the economical consequences of their decisions and complete lack of personal responsibility on their decisions.

    Furthermore I would like to refer to the same and complete impunity all these same elites enjoyed during centuries, and currently enjoy, in reference to same or even worst policies during the slavery- and colonial times and that in reference to North America, South America, Africa, South East Asia, China and beyond. So in other words the western elites behave exactly as they always have done: with total impunity and total disrespect to any and all morality or humanitarian principles; just concentrate in plain and simple robbery. In other words nothing new there.

    So if we analyse the current policies of these elites, in reference to Russian Federation or China, they just behave as they have done during the centuries and until now. The interesting hinge in mankind history is when Russian Federation, and by the way also China, "all the sudden" realised that the western elites are in no way prepared to treat them any differently that they have treated their former colonies and/or the countries they used to harvest slaves from.

    The hinge in mankind history could be simple described as the Kinzhal-moment among other -moments (all of them hypersonic by the way) when the targeted nation suddenly tell the bully and burglar: "Do not enter my property" in extremely clear terms.

    Honestly, I believe that the western elites never has seen that moment and consequently are not prepared or even can envisage that moment. Note that western elites are not by any means military wise or even concerned by military limitations since the military profession is far below their "level of nobility".

  10. Kharkov is still the key! If Russia cannot take Kharkov they cannot win the war! The Donets is a mass of fortified defense positions 6 times the size of Stalingrad a labyrinth that cannot be taken head on or flanked. The Russians cannot outflank Bachmut because of the massive defensive systems innate to the region. What a massive waste of man power and equipment is Putin trying to lose the war! What incompetence!

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