RUSSIAN Victory in BAKHMUT IMMINENT, 100K Ukrainians KIA

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  1. You can't trust numbers of casualties that comes from the EU leaders. It's all propaganda.
    If they say 100k, it may as well be 300k or 500k. But for sure, they will try to make it look worse for Russia and better for Ukraine than the reality is.
    That being said, country of Ukraine's size population can take 100k killed in a war. Or 300k. Sure, that's a lot of people, but they can take that much casualties. Therefore, it is also possible that they have.

  2. Hi Jackson,
    Erdoğan's motive's about his intentions regarding North East Syria goes well beyond teaching the Kurds a lesson or two or indeed disarming them. His main intention is to capture the oil fields which US has to leave behind as their main supply line from Iraq is constantly under attack. The West has already given their green light to Erdoğan. Turkeyeh taking North East of Syria means cutting/stopping Iran, Iraq and Syria and hence stopping Russia, India and China accessing Mediterranean sea by land and not having to negotiate through two out of 6 very important geopolitical positions, Adan and Sue's water ways. Land access to Mediterranean sea means the end of Western control over the Middle East and Africa. In all probability there will be a war happening in Syria once again and this time it will be between Turkeyeh plus their Nato allies and Iran and their proxy loyal forces. Iran will have the backing of Russians to some extent as they also do not want an Iranian empire on their door step.

  3. It wouldn't be the first time that The USA didn't cheat Kurd's . They did it the same in Iraq in the time of Saddam, when the USA provided technology for chemical production and Saddam committed horrible genocide over them by using that chemicals. This in Syria was Kurd's leadership's gravely mistake. No one in global South should trust to Western countries, especially the USA.

  4. Absolutely nothing you mention constitutes a case for "imminent Victory for russia in Bakhmut", specially if not even once did you at least mention that such circumstances in the battlefield apply for the russian army also, specially taking in to account they are fighting with pretty much the same hardware minus command control. It's like forecasting that team A is gonna lose a match against team B cause of how difficult the field has turned after the rain without realizing that they both play in the same field. It's lame
    but whatever

  5. Conservatism and progressivism.
    Aren't political affiliations.
    While one describes people striving to preserve traditions the others try to come up with new one. Any socioeconomic system needs people of both colour.
    And everyone is multiclassing, meaning every one has topics where they would like to preserve traditional values or methods and other topics where they see a need for change and an influx of new ideas.
    Reality isn't black and white peoples neither.
    Most peoples nowadays would agree that self governed communities would be a good thing. Thus communists.
    Most people would agree certain areas should be freely available since they are inalienable human rights. Like shelter food health care and education. Thus most people are socialists.
    Most people think woman should have equal rights and gays shouldn't be stoned Thus they are progressives.
    Most people would agree brainwashing children into androgynous sextoys for pedophiles is a bad idea and we shouldn't go down this path. Thus traditionalists or conservatives…
    We really have to define words properly.
    Fucking fascist fuckwits with their stupid rebranding of everything.

  6. Just adopt bitcoin already.
    Than we have a planetary reserve currency backed by a planetary supercomputer, mathematically sound money, controlled by joone owned by everyone, deflationary by design.
    Getting rid of a single point of failure in our setup abused by any malignant actor. Central banks and money not printed by nations is mental.
    Any nation should have a national reserve currency backed by a commodity or compute too.
    And cities should have their own currency aswell.
    We have to restructure the setup to make it gametheoretical sound.

  7. 😂 Always was curious how a guy like Hinkle could get away with saying what he says. Not just Hinkle, you got several of these MAGA commies running around gaining a following. Trust me, wokeism is evil but these new saviors are even worse. Go ahead and listen to them, but use discernment.

  8. I am from the Netherlands and can tell you the reasons they go against the farmers are much worse.

    It is not actually that it is bad for nature. The farms leak too many fertilizers (nitrogen) which causes nature to grow "TOO MUCH". Since the Netherlands themselves declared many of these areas protected to the EU. The EU now says: 'well if those areas are protected, they cannot change into another ecosystem (with way more growth).

    Paper problems from bureaucrats…

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