Russia’s deliberate and methodical conquest of Ukraine

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  1. What are the Odds of the Democratic gangs to be involved with the Violation of the Minsk Agreement and No response to make it escalate wars crimes against humanity! Why’d the government do the wrong things for the world! To justify their greedy policies from the Commissions of their violations of the International Law’s! What is the Government! Or it’s the Nazi regime who made the Mistake on the right to wrong just because you think it on the opinion opposite that makes the Nazi propaganda’s ?
    The eu , must have been Responsible especially for the Minsk violation!

  2. Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov – If a mistake like that happened today everyone would believe it and press the button. Secondly if you believe 911 America is undefended. Big slow passenger planes hit the pentagon unchallenged by american jets. Thirdly if you stand back this war is a colossal mistake. In a world dominated by the US and China whose side do you want the Russian arsenal on – this war chooses it to be on China's side.

  3. Numbers are to low. I heard from a soldier who was there the casualties from artillery is more like 90%. Also from a german government source, the russian artillery superiority is not 10 to 1 but more like 20 to 1. Atm russia is fireing around 20k shells per day (not 60k). Wich they can do for years without producing new granades. This is just an endless and pointless meat grinder and at the end there will for sure be no victory parade for the Ukrainians. The end will be a Selenskyj fleeing the country with pokets full of western donation money leaving back ruins and hundred thousands of dead soldiers for absolutly no reason.

  4. This reminds me of a great line in Star Wars, altered here: "The more you tighten your grip, Uncle Sam, the more countries will slip through your fingers."

    As Kissenger pronounced: “To be a friend of America is fatal”

    "I was a high trained muscle man for Wall Street. Al Capone operated over three city districts. We marines operated over three continents". General Smedley Butler, 1981-1940 and first head of the US Marines.

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