RUSSIA’s DIRE WARNING After Finland Officially Joins NATO | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss Russia’s reaction to Finland officially joining the NATO alliance as the war in Ukraine rages on.

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  1. Sometimes I am reminded that Saagar has bad takes in NATO expansion. Maybe if Russia didn't invade Ukraine then the PEOPLE of Finland and Sweden wouldn't have totally flipped on NATO application. I personally don't think setting up a layer of protection from Putin attempting to repeat WWII. Putin wants to restore Russia to the USSR.

  2. Oh boy, saagar does have really good insights in american politics but outside US borders he really fits the typical american with no basic knwledge of the countries he isntalking about, Finland is a highly tehcnological country, not a welfare state, they will contribute a lot, they have a 200.000 strong army highly technological backed by their own MIC

  3. With all due respect, I disagree with Saagar. By his logic, nobody else should join NATO. And not only that, now every other NATO country is stupid for putting their country on the line and go to nuclear war. Yes, that's what it means. But it's also the surest way to prevent a war.

  4. It's funny to hear people asking what Sweden and Finland bring to NATO. Sweden is the worlds leading submarine technology country, even putting U.S. to shame. Finland on the other hand has recently been holding military exercises with top U.S. troops and the Finnish conscripts, not even career soldiers, have been functioning on an equal level. And with a reserve of over one million, and shittonnes of expertise on warfare in areas that NATO lacks. Well, it's just funny.

    Both countries will bring way more, than what they will potentially gain. But if you don't follow whats happening, you just wont know the facts.

  5. I swear, the moment the discussion leaves US politics, it's like research leaves the room. These takes are so narrow and uninformed. Your own viewers keep telling telling you this. Hire some correspondents who know the situations, or at least have someone who checks your information beforehand.

  6. One of the things that is harder for US people to appreciate is the historical ties between these places and Russia. Finland belonged to Sweden until 1814 but thereafter belonged to Russia until the Bolshevik Revolution. The US doesnt really have former territories in its near abroad. To Russia, NATO expansion of this sort would be a bit like Puerto Rico declaring independence and then a few decades later, joining the Warsaw Pact. It would be alarming. If the US didn't have an independent Puerto Rico as part of its own security arrangement, it would at least expect neutrality. This is what Russia thinks about its former near abroad as well.

    The history and location of Finland had much to do with the strategic choice of maintaining Finnish neutrality; indeed the CSCE (OSCE) was founded there in 1975. But Finnish strategic considerations have changed considerably since 1975. With the EU integration, adoption by Finland of the Euro over the Finnmark and the closer political alignment of all EU member states, it becomes difficult to have members having separate security and foreign policy arrangements (this was the idea of the project, after all). Finland out of NATO is for the EU something like having Turkey in the alliance; a member state with a completely different political orientation.

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