Russia’s next move, keeps collective west guessing

Russia’s next move, keeps collective west guessing
The Duran: Episode 1482



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Written by The Duran

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  1. I think the reason they tried to cling to the Soledar/Bakhmut line is that the next line of defence is the Dnepr river, so they would need to re-establish defensive position there, leaving all of Donetsk to Russia and accepting that the next area threatened will be the cities of Kharkov and Dnepropetrov. It might also be that buying time they have built or reinforced a further line of defense. I don't really know.

    The real point, since March, is that the only good option for everyone, starting with ordinary Ukrainians, is to divide the country up in Korean fashion, something that the leadership really don't want to do (nor do the EU and US).

  2. I thought you previously stated that NATO will be holding an important meeting to discuss how they are going to proceed on January 20, 2023 so they can’t retreat from the frontline until after that meeting to prevent Allies pulling back support for Ukraine. Ukraine may attempt a counter offensive just before January 20 because of this meeting.

  3. Gerasimov who has been recently installed as the new supreme commander of the invasion hasn't a clue either on what todo next. One thing is clear that Russia lacks the manpower and equipment to win. Prison inmates and Wagner mercenaries only go so far as cannon fodder. There will be a new mobilization soon, but before it is announced the borders have to be closed to prevent another wave of migration to neighboring countries. NATO will do what it does and continue to supply Ukraine with more weapons, adding tanks and IFVs, regardless of what Russia thinks.

  4. The west is setting up the story that the slaughter will continue after Ukraine is lost, so NATO/US must act to save the West and all it's amazing democracy and values. Mark my words. Then when Russia sweeps the floor with NATO the west will say "Oh My God!! We were afraid of this, now we must go to nukes!". Mark my words.

  5. Of course you don’t understand. You don’t understand the pain of loosing their mother/father land to their enemies. Because you haven’t face that situation. I know place were whole army camps lost in single night, more than 1500 soldiers died refusing to leave refusing to obey to save their own lives. That’s the love for the country, pain of loosing their mother land to the enemy. I’m sure some of the Ukraine soldiers feel that pain despite the conduct of their selfish leaders. So they came back again and again hoping for some miracle to gain back their lost land.

  6. Many today believe Russia is preparing a major offensive in Ukraine. I disagree. I think Russia is preparing for war with the West. I think Russia must assume such a war is possible and must prepare for it. I am not predicting such a war will happen…. only that it would be irrational & irresponsible for Russian leaders not to assume it may happen and prepare for it. If it is to happen it might begin in the spring.

  7. Don't worry, be happy, Mr MBS. Oh no…I know the heart of mankind is full of deceit n desperately wicked, worse still so lawless too! 😇. U collective west fools do that to my good friend Russia's Putin, means u r doing same same freeze-seize to me + all others! He who earnestly seeks wisdom, obtains GOD's favour. Bottomline: How can I trust ur convince, confuse then con pattern! Blessed is the man whose trust is in The LORD through Scriptures. But cursed is the man who trusts men (crooks that bend or break international laws)! 🧐😰😆😆😂🤣🤣🤣.

  8. Alexander: "Why would global South governments store their foreign exchange reserves in Western depositaries?"
    The answer: because now and up to now, and quite possibly quite for a while in the near future they DON'T/WON'T HAVE ANY CHOICE, they just don't have anywhere else to keep their foreign exchange reserves. This is not differential equations of quantum mechanics, it's pretty simple: the global South governments keep their reserves in dollars (mostly) and EUROS to some degree.
    All these reserves aren't some printed papers or some big boxes stuffed with dollar and euro banknotes in a big cellar of India's Central Bank. Those reserves are just OPEN POSITIONS in the corresponding Central banks in the West: The Fed Reserve, Euro Central Bank, Bank of England – it's just a number of records, and electronic records too on an accounting sheet, that's all, that simple.
    So when the highly respected Alexander and his no less respected colleague Alex are talking, for example, about the West confiscating Russian reserves, I assume they understand well enough that in reality on the technical level it just means striking off those very records "with a stroke of a pen" – actually even less difficult than that, because those are all electronic notes.
    Foreign reserves of India or China etc aren't different from those of Russia. Only keeping this simple thing in mind one can really understand HOW deeply the hand of the West went down the pants of the rest of the world, and how firmly it holds the whole world by the short and curlies..
    To make this EVEN simpler, a big chunk of those reserves is kept in the form of US treasuries – those are just a bunch of records in the US.

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