S-300 lands in Belarus. Hollande, Minsk deal fooled Putin. Eurovision Liverpool, bans Russia. U/1

S-300 lands in Belarus. Hollande, Minsk deal fooled Putin. Eurovision Liverpool, bans Russia. U/1
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Written by Alex Christoforou

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  1. I think its past the point where Zelensky or Blinkens pearl clutching over proclaimed "Russian Provocations" is going to move or provoke any "undecideds".Its obvious now that Chinas "neutrality" is a temporary legalism. Its more than obvious that Europe is already mobilized against Russia and that the UN will not, or has decided it CAN not openly go all over to Ukraine. The strengthening and "tightening" of Belarus reflects the Russian total political shift away from the EU. . Lukanhesko has always wanted this. Until now It was always a matter of Russia deferring to western fears and complaints that prevented Russia and Belarus from reuniting. Thats over. I think the fact of Belarusisan and Russian renewed military commitment is also a warning to NATO to lay off Serbia, and Kaliningrad. Lithuania cannot withstand a Russian/Belorussian assault (or Estonia and Latvia either) whether part of NATO or not and so any move against Serbia or Kaliningrad to "put Russia on the spot" could be rudely turned against NATO, and quickly

  2. It’s like America paints a picture of Democracy and Bangs on about it all the Time.But Real Thinkers Don’t Agree with The American Pitch Of Today ! Where would we be without influencers here on YouTube like You Alex .Speaking your Mind .Letting everyone see the Other Side to this Conflict .Which has and is Daily hidden by Our MSM. ☘️

  3. now is a time of clarity. i lived a long time believing (like most Americans) Hollande was a wishy washy French Euro liberal (this is the kind of thing Americans constantly hear about Washingtons Euro competitors) not fully realizing until this year he is one of the most ruthless imperialists and an eager proponent of fascism for export.Why make these admission to bad faith negotiating , now ? To snatch a cheap personal "w" from the general defeat

  4. Eurovision is disappointing, (all countries are equal, but some are more equal than others?). The narrative really only goes one way. (Nothing suspect about it at all?). Worthy/unworthy victims. Remember the 1982 hamburger deal for the olympics?🤣. Krusty Burger took a hit on that one?.

  5. Καλή χρονιά.
    The S-300 in Belarus is clearly meant as either provocation or even as a veiled threat from the West for Belarus to stay out of the war.
    I think the COVID shots have caused a few clots in Hollande's brain impairing his thinking. That said, I think it is possible that Merkel and Hollande are saying these things in a feeble attempt to trigger regime change in Russia. Fat chance of that happening – just as fat a chance as Merkel winning the Miss Universe contest (just imagine her in a bathing suit – sorry, I didn't want to spoil your New Year).

  6. Why did Merkel and Hollande confess? That Minsk has always been a lie, a con job? Note both of them are no longer in power. They signal to current western leaders to try to do a deal with Putin, which is impossible today because they are all locked in into a no-compromise position. Do a deal because Russia win big, Europe lose big.

    But of course Putin will do no deal. "Fool me once, … foo me twice …" He will prosecute Ukraine and NATO to the max. Also by this admission, which is a betrayal of a UN Security Council agreement, no other country will sign agreements with EU, Germany, France and USA. Putin declaration that the west is 'incapable of agreement' spread to the rest of the world. China won't sign any agreement with Europe for sure.

    Russia henceforth de facto cutoff all relationships with the west. It is cold war colder than 1960. Bye-bye. And hello to real friend China and global south.

  7. For peace & prosperity 2023 needs to see NATO, U.N Disbanded, The U.S to get there own house in order and leave their greedy hands off other countries, same for the U.K, Here in Australia we need the Children out of Parliament and a few grown up back onboard, my wishes for 2023.

  8. Israel is allowed to participate in the European song contest or eurovision, now there's a bastion of freedom and democracy. Brian May the guitarist with Queen has just been knighted, the same band who broke the culture embargo in South Africa, when that was a bastion of freedom and democracy.

  9. Alex, IMO, if the West believed they fooled Putin, then they themselves are the ones being duped. During the entire time from Minsk 1 to Feb 24th 2022 Putin made it very clear they were aware of Ukraine being “pumped full of weapons”. The Russian’s were performing the necessary diplomatic protocols that would be observed by their key partners and international community. Yet, in the background new economic measures were being strengthen to counter sanctions and a sizable modernization of military equipment, weaponry and production facilities was taking place, where today, we see Russia’s ability to supply endless volumes

    While Merkel thinks it bought the West time she is flawed in her thinking to believe it was one sided, both militarily OR economically 💡

  10. Alex happy new year! 🥳🎉 The Bolensky has been mislead by the British intelligence, Ukraine winning and Russia running out of missiles it's failed as we know. If Bolensky won the war my intelligence tells me he wouldn't be running to Grandpa Biden begging for money and weapons for the last 8 months but so far British intelligence has proved to be wrong and so they are constantly providing military support under my expense, sorry to speak. Bolensky must bear in mind that every airbase in Russia gets hit he will face a consequence as we see.

  11. Provocation ! I doubt Zelinskyy could buy a life insurance policy anywhere…. Duh ! Brilliant ! Hollande is insane ! Mr.Putin and Russia will continue to thrive, while the collective west continue to fail, in my opinion, a legend in my own mind. 🙃. Alex, Thanks.

  12. Russian President Putin’s former chief space engineer, Vladimir Nesterov, has suddenly died under mysterious circumstance. The top engineer has become the fourth among Russian military and scientific elites to die mysteriously within days.

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