Scott Ritter: BRICS is DESTROYING Dollar Hegemony as Russia and China Lead Multipolar World

Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter previews the BRICS Summit and highlights Russia and China’s key role in charting a path out of dollar domination for the Global South.

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Written by Danny Haiphong

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  1. I have no idear how you got invited to speak there, but hell it was a good well proposed speak buddy, well done, let hope the words you spoke got through their tiny brains, not sure it would, I'm surprise they didn't cut you off😂 be stuff buddy 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  2. E. M. Spector has been jailed

    Biden's 'Secret Agent' Caught Red-Handed In Russia; Classified Documents Seized | Details
    26K views 12 hours ago
    Hindustan Times
    An American citizen identified as E. M. Spector has been jailed over an espionage charge. The Lefortovo court in Moscow

  3. Moscow urges Ukrainian troops to turn arms against Kiev junta or capitulate — diplomat

    Maria Zakharova reiterated that Russia’s Investigative Committee is probing all instances of Ukrainian militants shelling Russian regions as well as their other criminal acts

    MOSCOW, August 18. /TASS/. Moscow is urging Ukrainian soldiers to turn their weapons against the Kiev regime or surrender to Russian forces, according to a commentary on the Ukrainian crisis by Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

    "We strongly advise the Ukrainian soldiers, who, we are certain, realize the whole criminal essence of the gangster-like junta that has taken over their country, to turn their weapons against it, or surrender to our forces. In such cases, a decent, humane attitude to all is guaranteed," the diplomat noted.

    The spokeswoman reiterated that Russia’s Investigative Committee is probing all instances of Ukrainian militants shelling Russian regions as well as their other criminal acts. "Based on the accumulated evidence, Russian courts are handing down verdicts against Ukrainian neo-Nazis who have used illegal methods in an armed conflict, [mercilessly] killed wounded prisoners of war, and committed crimes against civilians, including murders motivated by political and ideological hatred," she added.

    Zakharova stressed that, over just the past two weeks, 15 Ukrainian servicemen, including five militants from the notorious Azov nationalist battalion (outlawed in Russia), have been sentenced to various prison terms, ranging from 15 years to life in a maximum-security facility. "It is impossible to bring back to life those tortured, executed or burned [alive] by them, but the Russian Federation will do everything possible so that not a single Nazi butcher evades just retribution for the crimes they have committed," she emphasized.
    via VK

  4. You highlight important topics that are relevant to the current oissues. Rise of BRICS is one of them. Where as it is important to be optimistic about the prospect of this unique development yet there is all the more reason to be cautious about the role of BRICS. Significance of this organization is primarily because of the presence of both China and Russia and the aura they radiate. The remaing members and prospective perticipants is carrying around a serious weakness with them which is – they are yet to develop a disciplined work force which is in fact the main engine of any gikven national progress. Considering centuries of conditioning with colonial schooling, human resource of BRICS countries are not fit to face challanges posed by their adversaries of collective west. Quality of human resources is the strength of the adversaries of BRICS- the Anglo-American West. You shoujld highight this gap in the quality of human resources between BRICS and its adversaries which must be closed through drastic reforms of schooling. Without that, BRICS will not be able to make any impact even with the leadership of China and Russia.

  5. Unlike the American leadership, the ex French President Sarkozy and ex German Chancellor Merkel understand fully that a stable European Security Architecture without Russia is simply untenable. European scholar's and historian's suggest that towards the decline of the British empire in the late 1800's a few selected Angolo Saxon elites did not want or desire a powerful Russia or Germany on the Euro Asian landmass. This same story continues with the American security state today.

  6. Not a fan of this guy. He loves the attention. He will go anywhere or be on any show just to repeat himself half the time. He hasn't and obviously will not apologize for calling out Mr. Lira death. He calls Poland racist. Yet he sounds like the same neocon or neolib in DC. Because they don't agree or have the same views they should shame them. Tell him to get a laptop camera that on top so he doesn't have to hunched over after ever interview smh

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