Scott Ritter: Trudeau’s Nazi Debacle a HUGE DEFEAT for NATO’s Ukraine War

Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter reacts to Canada’s parliament celebration of a former SS veteran, a scandal that has exposed the ugly reality of the collective West’s proxy war in Ukraine.

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Written by Danny Haiphong

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  1. I've read a report from RT about those in the US is using Zelensky's Jewish roots as a coverup for his government's blatant lauding of known anti-Semitic groups. The article concluded with a mention of his grandfather and how he was a soldier in the Red Army who fought his way through Ukraine to liberate it from Nazis and Banderites. I bet the grandpa is asking God to just smite his grandson because he has brought nothing, but shame upon him.

  2. Canadians born here in Canada, are passive aggressive, politically ignorant and indifferent. I feel ashamed that I live here, and decided to go back home. I always knew about Stepan Bandera,but I did not know that thousands of Nazis were hiding in Canada. I don't want to live in this country anymore.

  3. My grandma was more scared of Bandera's troops than Germans. I am 71 – I remember her stories from the time of German occupation. She lived in Zamość, south-eastern Poland, moving later to Warsaw. Ukrainians under Bandera were also known for the extreme cruelty towards animals, horses in particular.

  4. Ritter was the subject of two law enforcement sting operations in 2001.[36] He was charged in June 2001 with trying to set up a meeting with an undercover police officer posing as a 16-year-old girl.[37][38] He was charged with a misdemeanor crime of "attempted endangerment of the welfare of a child". The charge was dismissed and the record was sealed after he completed six months of pre-trial probation.[38][8] After this information was made public in early 2003, Ritter said that the timing of the leak was politically motivated in order to silence his opposition to the Bush administration's push toward war with Iraq.[37][38][39]

    Ritter was arrested again in November 2009[40] over communications with a police decoy he met on an Internet chat site. Police said that he exposed himself, via a web camera, after the officer repeatedly identified himself as a 15-year-old girl.[5] Ritter said in his own testimony during the trial that he believed the other party was an adult acting out her fantasy.[7] The chat room had an "age 18 and above" policy, which Ritter stated to the undercover officer.[5]

    The next month, Ritter waived his right to a preliminary hearing and was released on $25,000 unsecured bail. Charges included "unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communications facility, corruption of minors, indecent exposure, possessing instruments of crime, criminal attempt and criminal solicitation".[2] Ritter rejected a plea bargain and was found guilty of all but the criminal attempt count in a courtroom in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, on April 14, 2011.[5][41]

    In October 2011, he received a sentence of one and a half to five and a half years in prison.[3] He was sent to Laurel Highlands state prison in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, in March 2012 and paroled in September 2014.[4][7][8]

    Nice guy to interview lolllllll

  5. Anyway how about we talk about the rise of the NEW HITLER: KLAUSS SWAB
    they both started much the same way, have similar ideals and yet he is supported by every major government on the planet… thats’d be quite the parallels topic to talk about. Seeing as both men are from
    New swabinlland

  6. Danny boy, research your topic first hand, you know the names of your subjects etc, maybe a little history, also if your eyes and voice kinda sound so Gen z lazydacsical that sorta comes off like you don’t wanna be there.. couple that with your lack lustre research, a guest interview can’t make up for those things. Constructive criticism goes along way. Use it you’ll improve if you do.

  7. So, when Biden is calling out White supremacy does this include the so-called Russian hating Nazi youth camps in Upstate New York according to Mr. Ritter. This guy Raskin and this guy Schumer also appear to be supporters of Nazi's. Things like this treat hypocrisy as if it were a virtue.

  8. There's a third possibility of what went down. Zelensky and Freehand colluded to get that Waffen SS guy there to be honored, knowing full well that Trudeau is nothing but a narcissistic, drug-addled WEF agent who doesn't know half of what is going on. Maybe Freehand was trying it on for size to see if a possible outcome would the resignation of Trudeau and her own ascent to the position of PM without an election.

  9. Ukrainian SS division were not warriors and not soldiers. They were SS men, who were involved in mass killings and ethnic cleansing of Poles and Jews in Ukraine and Poland. My granddad, a Ukrainian, was a captain of artillery in the Red Army, 1st Ukrainian front. He met these scumbags only once on the battlefield and "saluted" them from his battery quite efficiently. Very few of them survived. Those who managed to escape, fled to Canada.



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