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Senate Matters of Urgency – Victoria: Election

The matter for urgency in this video, as proposed by and moved by Senator Pauline Hanson, was:
“”That, in the opinion of the Senate, the following is a matter of urgency:
“The need for the Senate to condemn the Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, for h is office’s dealings and association with Glenn Druery who, it was reported this morning, admitted to using his position in a Senator’s office for personal financial gain; and — in light of revelations upper house group voting tickets are being used to misle ad voters to the unethical benefit of the Andrews Labor Government — to affirm the Senate’s support for free and fair elections with integrity.””

The transcript of this proceeding can be found here:

0:00 – The Acting Deputy President
0:41 – Senator Pauline Hanson
5:36 – Senator Linda White
9:22 – Senator Larissa Waters
11:40 – Senator Ralph Babet
17:39 – Senator Malcolm Roberts
19:42 – Division Required
24:00 – Division in Progress
26:30 – Division Results


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  1. Australia is heading down a dangerous road when all the right-wing parties and politicians adopt the Trump strategy of claiming fraud whenever they lose an election. The next step will be armed Hanson supporters attacking Parliament House, cheered on by the Liberals and Nationals.

  2. Meanwhile in the lower house they spent 3 hours doing a censure motion on Scomo for his extra ministries while being PM!

    Check the Greens out, they say we hate group tickets and we would vote to abolish it to maintain free and fair elections but since Hanson brought it up we won’t vote with her! Unbelievable stupidity on their part!

  3. Thank YOU Pauline for raising this important issue. This state election/selection was a complete sham and totally rigged. It is well known. Therefore this selection/election should be made null and void and another election, needs to be re done. But could we please get rid of the dominion voting machines too?? along with any association with the wef, the who, big pharma, and all corporates. But this is a little difficult as ALL our pillars of society are now corporations. So….???? We need a big clean up of our political system full stop!!

  4. Pauline Hanson is spot on as usual, and it is very strange that most in the parliament hate her! That just proves to me that most politicians don't give a damn about the people they suppose to represent. Pauline does, and she has demonstrated that she can't be bought, like the the rest of them! And that folks, is why they hate her! But the people love her!

  5. Nice list of Dan Andrew’s achievements there from the blonde blob.
    Oddly though no mention of the use of the mindless thugs of the Victorian police department to batter and brutalise peaceful protesters, to arrest a pregnant woman in her home because of a Facebook post and to shoot fleeing women and children in their backs with rubber bullets.

    Come on Ms White if you’re going to list Danny boy’s “achievements” for us don’t leave out the best bits.

  6. Wow Pauline. You sure did rattle the Labor party. I swear the responding senator didn't draw breath lol. Our elections are rigged. This is how. Randstad computer systems. Konnech electoral programs and Drury paper fraud. It's no longer a battle to rig an election outcome, quite easy with a 6th grade educational standard and general political apathy. A solar powered tram network may not be feasible in overcast Melbourne lol. Might run, it might not. No trams after 5pm. Too silly for words these politicians. How about we consider geo engineering as opposed to climate change. That's the real issue.

  7. Yes, no body likes Anastacia QLd, she got in, the same with Albanese, now dictator Dan is
    in again, these are rigged elections, probably using the Domain servers, no use voting.
    This is all BS, but you know, what ever comes next, we/they deserve every bit of it, every
    body is dumb down, busy playing with their toys, no fire in the belly, then, no complains
    when things get so bad… I am an ex Melb. I left for the tropics age 75, alone. I was hoping
    to go back home, but, it looks like I will die up here. We have always been corrupted and
    bought, ruled by the dark side, I cannot wait for something big to happen.

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