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Senate Votes AGAINST Investigating Excess Deaths!

Can anyone explain why this research into understanding the cause of excess deaths is not appropriate?

Highest level of excess deaths in Australia since World War II. A 15% rise above the 5 year average.

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Australian Senate motion against investigating excess deaths:

Provisional Mortality Statistics (Australia)

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  1. I think it makes sense that you say Covid 19 is a viral mediated autoimmune response. My mom passed away from severe covid pneumonia. She also had an autoimmune disease called Hoshimotos Thyroiditis. She also had bad inflammation in some of her joints. It seems to me that she may have had an increased predisposition to experiencing severe covid because of her autoimmune condition. I am heartbroken. Our doctor along with all of the other doctors in our Community Health Network in Indianapolis Indiana were given orders not to prescribe antiviral medications to people to help them. I only know of one doctor in that network who later decided to prescribe antiviral medications to covid patients and I believe he only decided to do this because he was retiring that year. Otherwise, he probably would not have prescribed antivirals because he wanted to keep his job. I have much less respect for healthcare providers post covid. How sad doctors decided not to practice medicine.

  2. Your seeing deaths all over the place…colleague list a family member to a sudden stroke, Annabel Croft just list her husband to sudden and aggressive cancer only 8 weeks after diagnosis (severe and aggressive cancers are off the charts), but hey,nothing to see here.

  3. I was wondering if all the banners at the freedom movement protests were more directed respectfully at our military, specifically asking them to recognise the enemy within our country. I mean, isn't this a war? Where are our protectors? Absent? without love?

  4. The analogy to FDR’s blood pressure situation is applicable to the post-vaccination events. My guess is that profits from the vaccine had a lot to do with the 30-29 vote in the Aussie Senate. Shame on those investigators that voted against the investigation of excess deaths. I doubt if the damage caused by vaccination can be undone.


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