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Senator Alex Antic SMART CITIES

Senator Alex Antic

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  1. do not forget the 'smart scooters'. The rent-a-scooters you see in many cities are a surveillance device first and a scooter second. They have a camera front and back, they upload 24/7. they recognise faces, body shape and how you walk. they scan dogs for chips as they pass.

  2. Yes – agree one million times! And whilst this may be fresh news to many Australians, it is OLD HAT to the plotters and planners who have already initiated the pathways outlined here by Senator Antic. We, the Australian Public, have been seduced by technology and communications – addicted, you could say – and, in so doing, we have been shafted! So, share, share, share – while you still can without being thrown into prison for so doing!!!

  3. If anyone thinks smart cities are some dystopian fantasy they’d better wise up and wise up right now. England’s first ever smart city was passed just 2 days ago. Oxford England will be divided up into 6 zones and you will only be allowed to leave the zone you live in by car on 2 occasions a month. Leave more than that, maybe you need to go to work (as if. lol) and you will be fined a £70 fine for each breach of the rules.

    The documentation for this was drawn up back in 2013 and now it’s happening. They’ve axed multiple busses & routes too – they want everyone cycling or walking. Canterbury in England is the next city to join up with this insane program next.

  4. Hear that echo? It's the sound of a near empty chamber…as long as they don't hear it they will claim ignorance and such is the gravy train they ride upon , they are deaf they are mute and that's the way they like to play. NOBODY is coming to save your arse's and the few that speak up are overwhelmed. Best you all start prepping.

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