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Senior ABC journalist caught on hot mic making ‘astonishing’ COVID admission

A senior ABC journalist has been caught making an “astonishing admission” about the public broadcaster’s failure to investigate the origins of COVID-19, Sky News host Sharri Markson reports.

The comments were caught by microphones set up for the AUSMIN press conference with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Saturday afternoon.

ABC foreign affairs reporter Stephen Dziedzic admits he probably didn’t look at the lab leak theory “dispassionately enough”.

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  1. These guys are amazingly pompous for what they are. Whenever I think of where journalists rank in the intellectual hierarchy I think junior high English teacher at best, except without the commitment to helping other people. Every once in a while you see one with actual intelligence, but the odds are somewhere between lightning striking the same place 3 times, Trump thinking about someone other than himself or Biden having a successful, unassisted bowel movement in a location other than his pants.

  2. If you think that somebody who disagrees with you is unhinged, and they turn out to be right, the logical next step is to take a hard look in the mirror and carefully reconsider your views. Doesn't matter where you fall politically, smart people will be curious and seek out the reasons why they messed up so badly.

  3. Sharri, understand you feel you need to defend yourself – but today, debate is always shut down, by labelling and making derogatory remarks of people like yourself who are rightly pursuing the facts, uncovering the truth, and doing the discovery work to get to the bottom of these things. Don’t be put off by the toxicity, and the un professionalism of others who haven’t bothered to go to the same level of rational investigative journalism as you have. So well done, and keep up the good work on behalf of the Australian people. You are to be totally commended.

  4. Unfortunately the majority of our biggest news networks are All corrupt in the news that they push. They have proven themselves untrustworthy to the American people. They cover up everything that is not in the interest of their left agenda. If they were honest with the terrible things that are happening to our country people who are intelligent would be able to make good decisions. But they care NOTHING about America and the American people who are suffering and will only get worse. They are traitors to our country. It's not about left or right. It's about Saving our country and our future..🇺🇲

  5. We have not had journalist for a very long time on mainstream media. We do have an incredible amount of reporters We like to think of them as digital soldiers Getting out the truth no matter the cost🙏🇺🇸 Bravo to you on your reporting & coverage. Keep up the great work WWG1WGA 🙏

  6. Newsflash: The pandemic started in THE SAME town the virus lab is located which does research with THE SAME virus which caused pandemic.
    How dumb do you have to be not see the connection?
    How UNBELIEVABLY DUMB you have to be to call someone a conspiracy theorist who points out this fact for you and STILL YOU CAN'T SEE THE CONNECTION.
    Well the press and media have lost my trust if they are this idiotic or they lie on purpose.

    Either case, their credibility is 0%.
    On the other hand, there have been people who have tried to talk sense and have faced massive censorship. Those are the people who have gained my trust and who I will listen to in the future.

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