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Set Phasers to stunning and brave. Anthony Albanese Mardi Gras Rainbow

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  1. The away team on the surface of the volatile WOKE world:

    "Mr. Spock we are compelled to neutralize the threat." "Kirk to Engineering." "Scotty, get a lock on the away team and get ready to beam us out on my mark!" "Mr. Spock, Checkov set phasers to stun and fire on my mark." "Now!" "Fire at will!" "Get us out of here Scotty!"

    Safely on the bridge aboard the orbiting Enterprise:

    "Get us out of here, Mr. Sulu." "Set a course for the Alpha Centauri system." "Maximum warp!" 🛸👉🏼🌠 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Biggest dud we’ve had as a PM! Jest Set Albo has done nothing for our nation aside from flying around & sending money offshore when so many Australians are in dire straits! Nothing but an embarrassment from a man that couldn’t answer six questions & can’t string a sentence together! Cheaper electricity? Yeah right what he really meant was Triple everything!

Fox Anchor GOES OFF on fake news Geraldo Rivera Leaves

Fox Anchor GOES OFF on fake news Geraldo Rivera! Leaves him SILENT!!!

Tuckers warning if Ukraine war continues

Tucker’s warning if Ukraine war continues