Shocking EU corruption EXPOSED.

An update on the shocking corruption story in the EU Parliament.

Written by Nigel Farage

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  1. It takes only truly independent journalists and Nigel Farage to expose EU Corruption the Remainstream Media including the BBC who don’t cover this massive whistle-blowing expose on Brussels. This EU Corruption Saga is the begging of the end of Brussels and the EU, albeit a long drawn out dying of the EU.

  2. Makes you wonder how much they made pushing the Kovid-jab doesn't it. I am sure we will soon find out. Then maybe someone with a conscience in Westminster will spill the beans on what their little club of selected and unelected have been making from lobbyists at the expense of the British people. Life would be so different it politicians served the people and not themselves.

  3. Hopefully, eventually enough people will wake up to how rotten this whole EU thing is .Everyone who is cheering on the EU seizing or is that steeling Russian assets because of Ukraine need to think carefully about an unelected group of kleptocrats who first decide who the enemy is and then steal their wealth .What is to stop them doing it to any individual or group of individuals they fall out with including other non EU countries , like the UK non EU people , individuals , unions or political parties .This bunch are as drunk on power as Biden and his mob in the USA and just as out of control dangerous .

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