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Should you buy a home in Australia?

Written by Site Inspections

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  1. The real root cause of this being so widespread is not being discussed. The problem is the monetisation of properties and the high time preference, why build for the future when you can simply move onto the next job and get paid. Fix the money system, fix the problem

  2. For those looking to build, whatā€™s a good way to prevent ending up with a property like this? Iā€™m assuming having your own building inspector/structural engineer to inspect throughout the building process? Anything else?

  3. It's all about the price. the rate is getting lower and lower, rush rush rush, too many untrained unqualified workers from overseas. if you actually work in construction site, there is no more craftsmanship nowadays. quick and cheap and run..

  4. Australia is in the middle of a housing crisis..We need responsible builders/developers with integrity who are willing to build rental properties. There are so many new ways of building residential homes..prefab, cheap, but perfect for us homeless. I am spending my tiny inheritance to rent a seaside home for a fortune, as my daughter was homelss, dying of cancer, but our lease ends in ten months time. What then? Please, private developers, think of us when you are building.

  5. FINALLY someone else noticed Iā€™ve been saying this for years! I did carpentry, I left the industry cos, I could see all of this! Plus the waste and pollution! People come from overseas and build these houses too. I canā€™t believe that this was even accepted. Itā€™s disgraceful. You should see what they knocked up in my street. A lot of non compliance.

  6. The worst part about all these new builds is that the builders donā€™t have the best quality in mind, as they work on margins no doubt, so they just make it as cheap and quickly as possible. Materials and labour become more expensive, so they find other ways to make money, namely a ā€œrushed jobā€. But a rushed job is probably just a ā€œnormal jobā€ these days. And worst of all, the home prices are insanely high. Mortgaged to the hilt for 30 years, with loan principals far exceeding past generations wage / to loan payment ratios.

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