SH*T, We Thought It Was Over…

In this interview, I spoke with award-winning reporter Matt Taibbi on Biden’s recent visit to the G20, the raise of the vaccine passport again & the missile strike in Poland #biden #war #vaccinepassport
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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. I never thought for one minute it's over, it's just the beginning. The WEF have told us that. 3.3% of Canadians die from euthanasia, from next year Doctors will advise mentally ill (depressed people) to be euthanized. Adverts are already on the t.v for it. They want us dead to depopulate the earth and to bring in AI.

  2. Mr. Brand, why are there patches on your shirt and why do you wear them? Do they hold significant meaning to you? I also have wondered before why you have the number thirty-three tattooed upon your wrist? ( I could perhaps speculate and assume but I'd rather not as I probably wouldn't like the end result. Assoutofuandme… Anyways, I seriously doubt you will ever read this comment,let alone respond, but you only live once so why not take the chance and ask?)

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