Signals Intelligence Director says ‘we’ve had a relationship with Microsoft for decades’

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  1. Senior Public Servants live in a bubble and speak a different dialect than actual taxpayers.
    If only net taxpayers would move overseas, the Reserve Bank could print money and everything is free for the public sector.
    The Marxist dream. Sadly, Trotsky was murdered by Stalin in Mexico. What a pity that Communism has failed everywhere except in the minds of the frontbench of the disaster Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years.
    They are the real dinosaurs and morons.

  2. There is only about 5 points where the cables come ashore in australia. It seems to me that this makes the problem of removing unwelcome inbound traffic as well as naughty outbound traffic. Figuratively speaking, give every packet a pat-down and if they look suspicious, go the full cavity search on the suckers…

  3. Taking security advice from Microsoft😳😳. 📎

    We already have Thales and other expert cyber security companies in Australia… so why did Labour suddenly do a deal with Microsoft and not our own on shore offerings?!

    Micro$oft certainly aren’t investing $5b for philanthropic reasons!? They’re getting 20-30 new data centres out of this and if Micro$oft are funding the build of said data centres… Australians should ask themselves what’s in it for Micro$oft and at what cost to Australians???

    It seems everytime an Australian sends or receives a parcel with Australia Post, scammers are able to easily pick-up that parcel is in transit and gain access to either mobile phone or email data relating to the recipient/sender, and send forth scam material!! Yet the government has done nothing to close the security hole!!

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