Silencing Nord Stream w/Dr. Wilmer Leon (Live)

Silencing Nord Stream w/Dr. Wilmer Leon (Live)
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Written by The Duran

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  1. 1:07:00 – Agree with Wilmer until this point. He really needs to look into the brilliance of Murray N. Rothbard and co. and quit with the modern Gnostic-myth of a "societal organism" headed by supposed representatives that can be made "friendly," and in anyway, representative of a mythical "will of the people." The reality is that the state – a modern, diseased, "Protestant" conception and cancer of the world – is a racket writ large whose human "elected representatives" are as fallible as any, and are incentivized to act as criminally as is possible thanks to the "Double-Morality" privileges (to do what would be considered illegal if done by private citizens) they enjoy. The end result is mass enslavement and taxation for the many, and ever increasing degrees of technocratic and tyrannical power-expansions for the few (of course, under the guise of "national emergencies" and the like).

  2. Its obvious now that no country not even their closest ally can trust the US. The US is capable of any heinous act and will act against any so called ally, regardless, if it is in the interest and benefit to the US. No act is too despicable illegal or unethical for the US to carry out agaisnt their "friends." Perhaps we should have learnt from the 2 nuclear bombs they dropped on Japan during WW2 and justified their actions totally. In fact they would have carried on dropping nuclear bombs on China and Russia if General MacArthur got his way during the Korean war.The US govt actually worked with the MAFIA during Ww2. So whats new? The US has just reminded us all of the potential evil they are capable of. Now they seem to be out of control with an insane cabal in control of the buttons.

  3. Wonderful stream, guys. Just a note. Trump sounds leftish because he literally is an old center left dem lol. He's what I call a blue dog Dem which is kind of a populist/labor party Dem, under the old political spectrum, anyways, we don't really have one anymore, but yea. Just figured I'd throw that out there. Love ya 🙂 XOXO

  4. You can thank Murdoch and his evil media empire for the downgrading of journalism and news reporting worldwide. Rupert just wants to make lots of money and accumulate lots of power. He doesn't care what drivel or rubbish his news media outlets peddle. He has his agenda and it's nothing to do with truth, good reporting, ethics, accuracy or good journalism. He was already hauled before the British courts for lying and phone hacking, I doubt it even slowed him down especially in the US.

  5. The main point that you are not even saying is the fact that the US didn't want this pipe line built in the first place is a direct indication that they would blow it up and Joe pretty much said that it wouldn't be completed, pretty much points the finger at them, they had the motive to do and get it done.

  6. The Chinese have built railways around the world over the past centuries in many countries that people are not even aware of. Notably they built railways in the US. There probably haven't been any more built or maintained in the US since then. The Chinese continue to build exceptional exemplary railways all around the world . Perhaps the US needs to ask for Chinese help AGAIN!

  7. I think it is because journalism requires a lot of, work, pounding the pavement if you will, becoming like a private I / investigator and very few people want to have to dig that deep in order to get a story out ,be heard and follow by the public, so they look for the easiest way to put something out there whether it is true or not.

  8. 👏 BRAV-OOOOO 《The Brilliantly Enlightening ⚖️ DR. LEON ⚖️ 》 as well as the usual ☆ 🇬🇧 DURAN 🇬🇷 DYNAMIC DUO (no capes needed 😉) ☆ 👏

    { ~ Suggestion for the future – the titanic tag-team match of ! Both ! Dr. Leon 👍 AND 👍 Garland Nixon with 🇬🇧 Alexander and 🇬🇷 Alex as the royal referees. Now THAT'S something to be acutely anticipated. 🤔 Whaddaya think ❓️~ }

  9. Rail freight in America is unregulated and antiquated. Norfolk Southern rakes in billions; for decades paying off politicians to circumvent regulation . Modernization of Its braking system would prevent deadly derailments like the latest one in Ohio. Biden, the Union man's pal, just shafted rail workers demanding safer working conditions and shorter hours (some work 30-hour shifts!). Excellent reporting on this crisis by Status Coup News re:: TOXIC Ohio train derailment in East Palestine. Officials literally bombed the small rural [poor] Ohio community as the "clean-up" solution. In America horrific freight derailment "accidents" are routinely swept under the carpet as fast as possible.

  10. I like your courage and desire to speak the truth. However, I find some if Garland's comments a little too bombastic and wandering. Listening time is precious and I do want to hear the message! But too long analogies are not necessary or even to the point. You are adding unnecessary confusion. Again, I do subscribe but it is important to stick to the facts and be brief as possible. This 71 year old canadian stands with Russia and all peoples seeking freedom from the usa war machine. Thanks for all you do and please do not take offense at my criticisms. I just want you to keep speaking the truth!!

  11. The U.S. strategy was to sever European dependence on Russian energy, block china’s road access to Europe, give Israel Europe’s gas supply, make profits for its MIC, reindustrialize the U.S. with European industries, expand NATO, and ok and on. They have a strategy albeit with some unwanted consequences.

  12. 1:18:15: I have been using the same argument with some skeptics but I realize that they do not accept the argument because they lack a basic understanding of science and technology. They are dead convinced that the balloons are high tech and offer advantages significant enough to overcome any critical shortcoming that makes them a silly device for spying. THAT is the problem.

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