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Simple questions for Pfizer

Written by Dr. John Campbell

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  1. I think because of their actions, we've all gotten a pretty good taste for blood at this point, since they decided to rudely spill and splatter it all over our dinner tables!!! If they had any intelligence at all, they would leave us alone and back off. Do not plan on that happening.

  2. Hi John, Your 1 in 35 myocardial injury video has had over 1m views, however it has been blocked on Facebook and your friend Dr Susan Oliver, Back to the Science has published a video saying it is misrepresenting the study: and an MD: also thinks this – have you understood the study?. I tried several times to post a comment on the video but without success so that is why the comment is here. I think you need to clarify your interpretation of the study or admit to making an error.

  3. If the answers were yes, then they would just say so šŸ˜Š So it's clear to me. They just sent some shitty laywer. Maybe next time they could provide questions upfront. So they are clear and they just need to show up and say yes or no under oath ā˜ŗļø

  4. Dr John. This is a roof of cave stages of bat life utility virus. One really CAN'T stop this virus from investing in people, as it's use has been codesigned by nature. Senator Paul Rand in hearing followed the money and paper trail and it looks like it came out of a laboratory. Who the blazes knows what tinkering was performed on this virus while it was in a lab? Shouldn't they make an effort to understanding these principles first, or is this simply asking too much?

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