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Six Interest Rate Hikes Expected – Over 7%

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With six interest rate hikes predicted, could you manage a mortgage with variable rates over 7%?


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  1. When Shell advertise its latest all-time greatest profit rate do you really think the War in Ukraine was a spur of the moment ??? That slimy cun$ that was elected to lead Ukraine is purely a muppet to the corporate machine . Here in Australia our elected leader and government has absolutely no interest in the working class taxpayer … When we had people like Len Buckridge the ALP and its Union Henchmen were out to break BGC … BGC are the only company producing building materials for their own … How Dinky Die is that ???

  2. Commonwealth bank economists predict a rate cut by the end of the year. There is about a 6-month delay on inflation with rare rises filtering into the economy. Plus, lots of ppl finish their fixed rates this year, putting restraints on the economy. The RBA are useless, but they should have risen the rates slowly over the last 3 years with all that money printing inflation was always going to happen 🤦‍♂️

  3. What rubbish, honestly. Highest interest rate increases in 40 years here and around the world, it hasnt and it wont manage 'supply driven' inflation, only supply will. Without floods (impacts food and massive rebuild), fuel leveling off and much lower building starts, inflation will level out and drop naturally, especially as supply comes back. Recessions already in major economies and ours. Maybe 2 more rate rises at best

  4. Prices will come down eventually. They can't just keep hyping up people to take out $1M dollar loans for houses. It's insanity people want to live in a clown world where we all worship property because they're afraid of hurting a bunch of soft people who got duped. I mean imagine the things we could do without all this mis-allocated capital. Maybe we'd have real science and technological breakthroughs again. Or we can just spend another 50 years playing the property ponzi scheme. People are spineless.

  5. Australians voted for the whole thing,they are quickly learning that the three major parties and their cronies,(like majority foreign owned banksters,RBA etc) political donors etc are not their friends,time for better including a big new public owned bank,(ask China etc about it),close RBA etc.

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John Skerritt, TGA who approved a dangerous inject, banned safe treatments (IVM) and downplayed the severity of myocarditis in children has announced his resignation. A bought and paid for, arrogantly incompetent bureaucrat!! See ya! (