Slavery with Neil Oliver

William Wilberforce; “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Written by Dr. John Campbell

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  1. Your numbers of trans Atlantic slave trade is way off, an accurate number would have been 99 million with only 1 out of every 10 making it across the middle passage. The west never really stopped trading in people they only got worse and better at hiding their trade. Neo-colonization continues in Africa where the exploitation has never stopped. The power of Europe and Europeans have to come to an end soon otherwise they will completely destroy the whole world

  2. I actually can't believe what I just heard come out of that woman's mouth! To justify (cause that's essentially what she's done) trafficking & say it's basically not slavery cause people aren't 'legally owned' anymore is utterly ridiculous. How dare she!! I'm gonna assume she doesn't have kids & if she does then I'm sorry for them
    Sorry…had to come back after she started banging on about 'it doesn't happen like that over here'……ummmm yes it does!! Only a few years ago a house of slaves was found literally 10mins away from where I live……in CORNWALL! Several people were found to have been trafficked & were being used as SLAVES literally in a sleepy little town in mid Cornwall….but no….it doesn't happen to any real extent in the UK

  3. It's incomprehensible for most to imagine cruelty to children. To know there are organisations that actively promote the activities described just doesn't compute, which is how they've gotten away with it for so long. . I don't think slavery ever went away – it just went underground.

  4. Here we go, the liberal left denying statistics. This woman, who might have certain powers to do something to help, denies there is a problem. Why??? Could it be that she is frightened of the “R” word. She knows as well as many of us where the problem lies. But the “R” word holds such terror. She would actually rather bury her head in the sand than acknowledge there is a problem. She is an appeaser. But is this any wonder? There is a huge problem, within this country, of children being coerced and exploited for sex but this woman and her kind who have taken over the institutions of this country, close their eyes and say “I see NO EVIL!”

  5. She represents the masses who need to minimize the depth of decades, maybe centuries old depraved slavery! Stew Peters interviewed Ally Carter a couple days ago. She lived this underground, covert horror until age 16 when she escaped. Also Cathy O'Brien who wrote Trance-formation of America, having survived to tell. As hard as it is to hear the truth, i believe we must hear it in order to bring it to the light of day

  6. Governments policies with regard to electric cars encourages and promotes child slave labour,Neil its not talked about because of those involved,,Hilda Murell 1984 ,Willie McCrae 1985 both murdered by the british state ,both were reported to have information on high level government paedophiles

  7. OLD news – why is this SANCTIONED and allowed to happen – the TOP down are active players, that's why. Judges – Doctors – Social Workers – Teachers – Cops – Media – Lawyers and obese gatekeepers like her! protecting their own! Good old blighty and it's depraved SRA is real.

  8. at the border there seem to be camps with unaccompanied children even toddlers who are imprisoned in ex-Walmart buildings and sent around the country without check where they go to (no check by DNA whether these are really relatives or family friends as stated) – see redacted interview with a warden

  9. One wonders whether the trivialisation of sexual exploitation by the left is the result of their own trivialisation of, eg campus rape. Like the statistic that one in three women on univeristy campuses has been subjected to sexual assault, but on closer inspection "on university campuses" includes experiences outside the campus, and "sexual assault" includes unwelcome approaches, unwelcome or too-long looks, or drunken encounters later regretted. Edit: Like the boy who cried wolf, reversed – the boy hears someone else crying wolf, and says "yeah, probably it's not a wolf, I do that myself quite often, just for laughs".

  10. The rape cases of children in Britain are not small isolated incidents. A certain religion that promotes child rape of non-believers and child marriage in their own community which is essentially child rape is on a grand scale. The authorities have been turning a blind eye to this evil for fear of being called " Racist." It is only coming into the public view after over 40 years of these atrocities because of a tiny minority of people that are prepared to sacrifice their own liberty to stand up against these demonic authorities. One person that if I named him would immediately have this post taken down comes to mind. Any caring person in Britain and around the world will know who I am talking about immediately.

  11. The main reason we don't hear about it is not in the west most of it anyway. Every prostitution organisation has people who have or are being raped. The drug addicted person has at least once been subjected to forced sex of some sort. Ordinary people close there eyes and ears to it. Sorry to say but when was the last time you reacted to a scream or yelling. That is far worse than the people doing the act. Or see a child with fear in there eyes and you just walk away. The next time you look at your phone or laptop or your electric car remember that you are promoting slavery as the mines were at least half of the rare minerals are mined by slaves.

  12. Every other home in Chelsea has house staff that are effective slaves. Most families from the Arab nations keep these poor people in plain sight. It's a disgrace, but it's there. I have seen it. This woman does not want to see.its not followed up because these are rish powerful people who do this. They will not have a European working for them because the workers would not put up with they way they are treated

  13. Maybe the powers at be who are so "correct" should turn their attention to this problem and not the fact the sea has risen by 1mm in 5 million years..but of course there is no money in helping real people in need, better selling nonsense to the folk with the money.. Of couse, be careful not to misgender the baddies…Great channel..

  14. It IS ownership, otherwise those poor people would be free to walk away.
    Women are locked in factories, forcibly impregnated and having the babies taken away. This is absolutely slavery
    and to say they aren't 'owned' is ridiculous.
    This lady is a FOOL, who lives in denial, with her head in the sand!!!!

  15. Pushing the people who exploit the issue in order to promote a very specific agenda ,(coincidentally the same agenda like the US Christian fascism and racists have,),is not helping the fight against human trafficking and slavery .
    Their ultimate target is immigration and refugees
    These are the same people who want to put refugee children in cages.
    So believe them at your own risk/

  16. David Icke exposed this 20 years ago. He called out the likes of Ted Heath etc. He was ridiculed for being a crank conspiracy theorist. The reason it continues is that those you look to to stop it are the very people taking part and benefiting from it. I.e. your politicians and multinationals. Remember this little gem on the BBC??? No outrage just corrupt acceptance and a great way to control your politicians to do what they are told.

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