Smart Cities: How The Elites Plan To Control Us!!

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► IBM Smarter Cities:
► SDG 11:
► McKinsey Smart City Report:
► WEF Announces Smart City Alliance:
► Japan Society 5.0:
► EU 100 Smart Cities List (Download and Scroll Down):
► Why Smart Cities Aren’t The Future:


0:00 Intro
0:49 What Are Smart Cities?
3:14 Who Made Smart Cities?
7:01 WEF Smart Cities Alliance
11:05 Which Cities Will Be Smart?
14:27 Will The WEF Succeed?
17:07 Why Smart Cities Will Fail


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  1. The goal of the new world order is to have 500 millions people living as subjects spread out pretty evenly over the following 5 continents or continent parts: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa.

    That's why birthrates are declining worldwide.

    The NWO promotes childless living, LGBT and Wokeculture to bring the population down very fast. They also actively work on creating more and more crisis and war between nations so that great wars decimate the population even faster.

    Their goal is it to have around 490 million people living in a few huge cities and about 10 million people living spread out over the entire planet in little villages farming on hightech farms and inherit their farmers live down to their children.
    When the population has declined enough they will change their political agenda so stabilise the birthrate around the planet at about 2.2 per woman.

  2. I believe the Google – Kansas City PPP (Public-Private Partnership) was in Kansas City, Kansas (KCK), not Kansas City, MO (KCMO). This is a bit misleading, because the city of Kansas City, KS has merged with the county (Wyandotte), to become the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, which is in alignment with the global agenda, by whatever name one wants to call it. This doesn't mean that KCMO isn't forcing the global agenda on the other side of the state line. KCMO is home to one of the 12 Federal Reserve regional banks, so it will be pushing globalism, at the local level, just as San Francisco, Minneapolis, MN, etc. are pushing it. I suggest people do a dab of research into MPOs (Metropolitan Planning Organizations) and ATAs (Area Transportation Authorities). Cities and counties are required to work with their local NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations). MPOs are required for regions (globalism) with populations of 50,000+ and ATAs are required for regions with populations of 200,000+. They use grants of federal $$$ to coerce the cities and counties within the region to implement the global agenda at the local level. Even though $$$ may have been withheld from the Paris Climate Accord, the MPOs and ATAs never missed a beat in deploying the global agenda, all over the country, throughout the Trump regime. While the WEF, UN, etc. are the faces of globalism, they are controlled. All roads lead back to the central banksters.

  3. If I understand the prophecy in the book of Daniel correctly, there will be ten coming world leaders and from amongst them, will be an eleventh (the antichrist) who will rise up from amongst them, subduing three of these kings. And at the rise of the final False Prophet, comes some sort of image that will be built that can talk. Likely some sort of major AI would be my guess. And after that, the mark of the beast, and whoever takes it can buy and sell, but later horrible sores will form on them. But before this, the two witnesses come on the scene. Many thought the c vax was the mark, but it couldn’t be as there are things that still need to happen and the un-v-ed can still buy and sell and aren’t being hunted down and beheaded. It’s not too late to turn to Jesus.


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