Sneaky Redactions: Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson on government secrecy during Emergencies Act inquiry

@Ezra Levant was joined by Freedom Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson to discuss the “blacked out passages” in documents that convoy lawyers have been forced to deal with during the inquiry.

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  1. Not surprised there are redactions at all…expected the gov to hide the Thruth. They are not there to get the Thruth out…they are there to cover Trudeaus ass…period!!! Ergo Trudy hand picked liberal judge and redactions hiding the real Thruth. What a farce..they should all be ashamed. The only good and honest lawyers there are the ones for the citizens… It's so damn obvious what's happining in this commission. And Brendan is correct… Canadians deserve the whole Thruth…but we won't get it here that's for sure!

  2. I keep picturing in my mind someone suggesting to the drafters of the Emergencies Act that a peaceful protest on parliament hill would trigger its invocation. Pretty sure they'd either laugh or look at you like you're crazy. Further I assume they'd say "We wrote this so that can't happen!"

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