SNOWDEN’S LEGACY: Internet Privacy, Govt Transparency, Encryption, & More | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. No lessons were learned and in truth there is no legacy at all. Snowden fortunately found safe harbor in Russia. I wish I could join him. America and the entire western world is lost and through it's own ignorance, arrogance, incompetence and greed inevitably doomed. Thank God. I may not survive it, but at least children the world over may get a chance at a life without the yoke of our dystopian reality.

  2. Yes! WE need to make it so! For so many years, we leaned on military veterans to "maintain" our freedoms when, low and behold, they were being used by the establishment to amass vast wealth for those in power, and to retain it with paranoid tenacity. We all say, "Thank you for your service," having no clue who they were actually serving, and much of the time, the service member had no idea either until the truth revealed itself on the front lines. As Americans, we need to learn by watching those in parts of Europe who have experienced blatant fascism recently enough to know how important a citizen's role is in maintaing a democracy. A true democracy is painful and messy. Innocent people die, are imprisoned, exiled… not just journalists, but anyone who opposes an imperialistic totalitarian regime. We should have had a general strike many years ago. We should have seen through the excuses for war and the terms like "peace keepers" that rang hollow.. I still remember the announcement on the gym TV that we were going to war with Iraq, and turning to my fellow trainer and saying, "WTF does Iraq have to do with 911?" In 2008, the anger if everyone around me about bailing out the banks was swept aside. Tgen msinstream media stopped interrogating and became the b@#$& of the CIA, the MIC, and whatever giant Corporation was funding that segment. I don't think anyone i know trusts the government or mainstream media any more. But where is tge push back? Where is our general strike? I quit FB in orotest as soon as I was censored. If everyone did that, there'd be one less oligarch.

  3. The fact that he left America and found a refuge in Russia, should make you think how much democracy is left in America or has it ever been a democratic country? Maybe it was all the illusion of freedom and democracy just to keep people happy and subdued 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Things seem to have got worse since 2013 Snowden revelations. In the UK the government codified into law the privacy invasion, the security agencies are still stealing & violating their own citizens private information, analysing political views, bulk collecting data, internet activity and hacking devices. They have adopted AI early in order to process the huge volumes of data and identify behaviour patterns as well as link data from variety of sources to profile everybody and identify potential targets for more indepth violations and surveillance, and the subservient corrupt media just act as their PR department presenting disingenuous arguments, gaslighting and restricting dissent of the surveillance state.

  5. Here’s what I have seen personally. Hooding, which means drugging you and grabbing you off the street.
    Hypnosis and rape, attempts of extortion, drugging and gaslighting. Psychological torture and abuse. Attacking of the family, sexually assaulting the family’s of people speaking out, framing for petty crimes, attacking people for speaking out. Forcing sexual activity through hypnotism and drugging.

    This is something I have seen from everyone, including local police. Even the Sheriff’s departments have done this. The Gay Community used the FISA warrants to start their own Eugenics program in the South West of the United States.

    This is the stuff Snowden was involved with himself.

  6. The horror of the Snowden story is that essentially, nothing has changed for the better since his staggering revelations about the completely unconstitutional surveillance state. In fact, things are worse. The FBI constantly lies to the FISA court in order to illegally spy on innocent citizens. Snowden is in exile. The US is the world's biggest terrorist state and it proves it around the globe every day.

  7. Thank you for such an important discussion. The observations were very well-expressed and I was also struck by the authentic humanity with which each of you express end yourself (and how your different approaches make for a well-rounded sharing). Kudos and gratitude for all you’ve done and continue to do. I know we can never repay you for all you’ve given but hope you can feel in your heart the gratitude so many have for you.

  8. People who still use Facebook are complete fools. Social media is there to spy on us, not to allow us to share our lives with each other. Delete your all your social media accounts and watch the government freak out. The government NEEDS social media so it can keep massive files on us. Don't play the game.

  9. This is going to sound crazy but, There is no 'left' or 'right' political parties anymore. You cannot vote for a party associated candidate thinking one candidate is better or worse within this duopoly. The system doesn't represent the majority of American voters anymore as it did in the past. You need to vote for a candidate who isn't bought by the partisan system. And that is going to produce terror in the minds of our political elite. We don't have an FDR to help save Democracy. Not as long as we're stuck in a fake two party system that caters to the power elite, 1% only.

  10. I am 26,and did my senior research project on the Snowden revelations, and the unwarranted search and seizure of personal data en masse by our government.
    Unfortunately, I am the only young person I know who cares even a shred. I am not very optimistic about our future in this regard 🙁

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