“So-called journalists” expose the Censorship Industrial Complex

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover dramatic congressional testimony by Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger on the role of the US government in censoring dissident opinions on private social media platforms, and the McCarthyite treatment they received from House Democrats.

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  1. They act like Communists act. It all began with speach that they really don't like, find "offensive" and it's been extended to political speach that should be protected. Look at countries that don't have a first Amendment and what they have declared to be and made illegal – Hate Speach. Look to the UK, Canada, most all of western Europe and Australia. They all do the same things. BTW, Max is right, she is a "so-called member of Congress". It's perfectly appropriate to call her that. These Congress critters are an embarrassment to this country. They're lucky that most people with brains are NOT watching them and this "show". These people are totally unfit for the offices that they hold.

  2. This clowns Are protecting sex pigs Jimmy Dore and NEO nazi's Greenwald who might be in front of a Brazil court or Brazil jail and Jimmy Dore going on Israel funded news outlet to smear anyone where is your Hitler flag and in the closet Zionist Norm finkelstein might be getting his money from Epstein father who knows but you guys are investigated anything but a Jewish man from New York will never have NEO nazi Greenwald and sex pigs Jimmy Dore on his channel and he has real journalist around America investigate things not like you clowns bootlickers for Jimmy Dore

  3. When you're a corrupt asshole abusing your power, a journalist discovers that you're a corrupt asshole and reveals you, and someone sends you a nasty message, the cause of that threat is NOT that a journalist did a good job, and NOT that you were revealed. The problem is that you were a corrupt asshole abusing your power.

    The quickest way of identifying a psychopath in prison (among the prisoners; among the guards is just too easy), is by asking them why they're there. The ones who say "because I broke the law" are probably not psychopaths (though psychopaths can emulate normal responses). The ones who say, in seriousness, "because of some nosy bastard" definitely are. Psychopaths never take any responsibility, and always blame others.

  4. Aaron’s theory of exigency — that the story needed a non-state actor— is likely true, however it does not explain the cavalier or careless storytelling. There seems to be a chosen style or tone of earnestness mixed with absurdity at work— like having to believe the perpetual bad excuses of a cheating spouse, or needing to believe them. When you add the recent handling of witnesses in the Twitter-files hearing by Democrat lawmakers, it starts to make sense that there is some psychologist-lead think-tank at work here, directing how these approaches should be handled from a social-psychology perspective. All inquisitors in the Twitter hearing adopted basically the same attitude, down to facial expressions and body movements— appearing aloof, uninterested, ill-informed to a comical degree.; recall Plaskett’s insults, insinuations, turning her back to fidget and talk to someone else when the person they are supposed to be listening to is speaking on the public record. These politicians all had a meeting with a psychologist before this session. The tactics used come right out of the Four Horsemen— the psychological warfare methodology of most divorced couples; being Criticism, Defensives, and, most tellingly, Contempt and Stonewalling. Contempt is well understood, but Stonewalling is a little harder to grasp. It’s obfuscation, treating another or their concerns as a joke, misleading them, gaslighting, this is the realm of ‘bullshit.’ The tactic works because the challenger eventually loses confidence in the ground under them. This can be applied to spouses, voters, or readers of a newspaper. Confirmation bias and learned helplessness do the rest. The trick is to demoralize your opponent— so up is down, and down appears up; confuse them and yet keep them trapped— in a marriage, in a house, in the trust of an institution, a newspaper, a political party.

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