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Some Banks Back Down … But: With Robbie Barwick

An update on Regional Bank closures with Robbie Barwick from the Citizens Party. Some news is good but some also bad. So we go through this week’s events.

We also highlight the broader agenda around the future of banking, the role for a National Bank, and reason why the commercial banks are dragging their feet, and disrespecting parliament.

The media finally get on the story – better late than never.

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  1. I invest in N.A.B to get dividend's to support My Family so do not say rip all your cash out of N.A.B and undermine My investments so tell all these people in regional areas to go digital and learn how to do it in the internet as from hearing you i now could not give A Toss about regional areas as most people there are bludger's. If you promote Bank run's that will not help anyone then your going to be the Biggest Loser from this.

  2. On paper the idea of 'respecting the parliament' sounds fair and reasonable, but given most of these hearings are seen as nothing more than a political game in which points are up for grabs by participants, it's not surprising the reality plays out differently.

    If honourable members want a say in how a bank structures its distribution footprint, they should pass legislation giving them that control – although it's unclear if the constitution would allow it. And yes, i know the response is that banks benefit from govt guarantees, but again, parliament should be clear on any conditions which come attached to that.

  3. OMG I was watching thinking about Christina Holgate and then she was recognised by the current prim minister. It's about time! The character assassination of her was an absolute disgrace and for what? A token gesture to the team that was supportive of a valid and necessary movement towards the people of Australia who needed it most.

  4. Imagine CBA that use to be owned by the people having $10B profits going back into the community. Instead it was privatised with all the profits now going into the top 1%, mostly foreigners and has been for over 30 years. Energy, healthcare all in the same situation. Broken corrupt system.

  5. The problem is the bandwagon because they like the wrong music. The bandwagon is why this country has no sovereignty.all the problems flow from the fact that unelected unseen freaks from distant lands are making Australian policy and nobody says boo .the majority of our politicians think macro not micro.macro is the unseen.

  6. Thank you Martin And Robbie, ANZ in Moe a regional Vic town announced before Christmas it was closing it's branch in town so hopefully it will think twice now because of your incredible work. Still the idea of people's bank is outstanding. Also I hope Christine Holgate gets a well deserved apology. She definitely deserves it she was treated so badly.

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